Movie Review: Something New.

14 10 2006

Starring: Sanaa Latham, Simon Baker
Running Time: 1hr, 39min
Rating: PG-13
Grade: C+

If love is an adventure, it’s one yet to be embarked upon by Kenya Denise McQueen. A beautiful L.A. career woman, Kenya works as senior manager at a prestigious accounting firm, and is on the verge of making partner. But she has yet to find her own partner and a fulfilling personal life. It’s not that she’s stopped looking; her (mental) checklist is at the ready. After another Valentine’s Day spent working late, Kenya agrees to a blind date with Brian Kelly, a sexy and free-spirited landscape architect who turns out to be not exactly what she’d pictured for herself. Then again, she does need the yard of her new house fixed up. Her girlfriends Cheryl, Suzzette, and Nedra are there for her with advice, while Cheryl’s new beau Walter shares a male perspective with Brian. Kenya’s socially prominent parents Joyce and Edmond and womanizing younger brother Nelsen also voice their own opinions. But it’s when her perfect match, Mark, enters the picture that Kenya is truly thrown into confusion. Ultimately, Kenya has to decide for herself and follow her heart–no matter where it takes her.

This movie didn’t keep my attention throughout the entire movie. I think it was Kenya that irked the hell out of me throughout this movie. The way she was so flaky on Brian, kept pissing me off. The way she tried to hide her relationship with him, right from the very beginning, you know when they’re in Starbucks and she’s all trying to be Super Sistah with her “peeps”, trying to “keep it real” regardless of the way she was there with a white man. It was like she was trying to prove to everyone just how black she is. That shit was not cute. It was downright annoying.

I hate when people try too hard to prove that they’re whatever they are….being it Samoan, Black, Chinese, whatever…if you ARE whatever you’re trying hard to be, thats all that should matter. Just keep the party going and move the hell on, odds are, people don’t give a rats ass about you anyway, so who are you trying to prove yourself to? Get real already.

A lot of the fights that Kenya and Brian got into that were Kenya’s fault really pissed me off so I spent most of the movie pissed off at her becuase she couldn’t make up her damned mind about a hot damn thing. By the middle of the movie, I wanted Brian to just move the hell on without her ass, because who needed a fickle creature like that at his side when he could have the pick of the litter?

Ugh, I don’t k now, I think Kenya ruined a lot of the movie for me, though it ended with a happy ending, the middle either dragged or pissed me off, so though I didn’t hate the movie, I didn’t love it either, I’m not even sure if I liked it or not. Would I recommend this? Probably not, but meh it was cool, I guess.




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