Movie Review: Poseidon.

18 10 2006

Starring: Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss, Emmy Rossum, Andre Brougher.
Running Time: 1 hr, 40 min
Rating: PG-13
Grade: C-

When a rogue wave capsizes a luxury cruise ship in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, a small group of survivors find themselves unlikely allies in a battle for their lives. Preferring to test the odds alone, career gambler Dylan Johns ignores captain’s orders to wait below for possible rescue and sets out to find his own way to safety. What begins as a solo mission soon draws others, as Dylan is followed by a desperate father searching for his daughter and her fiancee–a young couple who hours before couldn’t summon the courage to tell him they were engaged and now face much graver challenges. Along the way they are joined by a single mother and her wise-beyond-his-years son, an anxious stowaway and a despondent fellow passenger who boarded the ship not sure he wanted to live but now knows he doesn’t want to die. Determined to fight their way to the surface, the group sets off through the disorienting maze of twisted steel in the upside-down wreckage. As the unstable vessel rapidly fills with water each must draw on skills and strengths they didn’t even know they possessed, fighting against time for their own survival and for each other.

This movie was pretty average.

You see, it’s about this rogue wave that hits the Poseidon Ship Cruise thingy and about 7 paseengers adventure trying to get out of the ship alive. It kind of reminds me of Anaconda, Deep Blue Sea and you know, just those kinds of know that not everyone can make it out alive and you know that one of the good guys has to die to make it more realistic and what not, so aside from the I knew what was going to happen, it was still an enjoyable movie. My nephew, Chase and niece Makaela enjoyed the heck out of it, but I was more meh about it.

I really enjoyed Josh Lucas in this movie, his name is Dylan so of course that earned him more points in my book, because he was the bomb. I really liked Patrick Swayze, oh I mean, Kurt Russell’s character in this movie, Mike Vogel was a cutie and Izzy, your friend Christine from Phantom of the Opera was in this movie too, she was cute, there was a Latin chick in this movie that played the character of Elena, I already forgot her name, but hot damn I wanted to strangle her and then push her into the water and hope she drowned, because she got on my hot damn nerves with all her, “LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT!” There’s a damn 7 year old boy in there that isn’t crying half near as much as you are, suck it up and climb up the damn vent thing already…YEESH! I would’ve been like Josh Lucas in this movie, where he was yelling at her, all up in her face, that would’ve been me.

If Mike Vogel was taller, I’d have a crush on him. He’s a cutie patootie, but for me, it’s all about tall guys, so Josh Lucas was the hottie of this movie.

Oh, one thing that I didn’t get was why Fergie was cast to play the sexy seductress singer chick, because she wasn’t all that seductress, though she’s really pretty and ripped and what not, she just didn’t fit in with what I pictured a vixen seductress, I think Mya did a better job of singer on Dirty Dancing: Havanna Nights then Fergie did in this movie, she’s better suited to skimpy school girl skirts and too tiny shirts, then the long, cleavage cut dress she was sporting in this movie. I didn’t buy it at all, she’s not Stacy Fergusson, she’s Fergie, she’s the F to the E R G the I the E, and can’t no other lady put it down like her..LOL, she’s Fergalicious…LOL. Fergalicious didn’t cut it for her role.

I swear lately, I’ve watched a lot of MEH movies, I need to watch a really good movie to get me out of this meh stage that I’m in…next up on my list of movies to watch right now is, In Her Shoes, I’ve heard a lot of good things about this movie so I’m really crossing my fingers for this.




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