Grey’s Anatomy: Season Three, Episode Five.

19 10 2006

I felt really bad for Bailey in this episode. Like she really needed to feel like shit after everything that went down at the end of last season. Because of course, she wasn’t feel like enough shit without all of that crap that stupid no name doctor was spouting at the M&M (that’s what it was called right? LOL). *sigh* But this is what they all get for what Izzie did, so I’m kinda mad that all Izzie can say was that she’s a multi-millionaire and she doesn’t have to be a surgeon anymore. BRAVO to Burke for setting her straight and telling her about herself. She needed to be put back in her place because all she could talk about was all the money Denny left for her and it got on my hot damn nerves. Ia, ua ma se teine. (that means she got moded in Samoan, for all of my non Samoan speaking readers ;))

Okay, this is just too much, the whole Burke’s trembling hand while he’s in surgery. What if he kills someone because his hands aren’t all together? Him thinking that he can go through each day without anyone noticing that he has the shakes, it’s not going to work. Christina needs to help him get better and if he can’t get better, then he needs to do something else, because people can die if he screws up, I don’t think he’d be able to live with himself if he kept doing what he did and someone died on his watch. Get it together, Burke, seriously. SERIOUSLY??? haha.

Okay in the Meredith and Derek part of the show, it’s Derek’s turn to get on my flippin’ nerves. Oh gosh, I’m so effing tired of this going back and forth. Derek loves her enough to let her go to the better man because she deserves better, Meredith dumps Finn because she realizes that she chooses Derek, she finally tells Derek, right after he finds out that Addison and Mark had a relationship instead of the one night stand he thought they had. This is really getting dragged out so thin that I’m going to throw an egg at McDreamy’s face if he don’t get his damn act together, the writers are perilously close to losing me as a Derek and Meredith fan because I swear I want to strangle each and everyone of those writers, ALONG with Meredith and freaking Derek. YEESH!

Oh and I can’t believe I forgot about this one: Callie and Mark slept together? I’m not mad about it. I like Callie, I didn’t like her with George, because she was too big for him. But hey, big girls need love too and Mark wanted to give her some and he’s bigger than her, so who am I to judge them? They were both free of relationships, since Callie broke up with George and Addison won’t have Mark, so why not?

Moving right along, to Addison and Mark ending up together in bed, once again…I wonder where that storyline is going to go since Addison loves Mark and it’ s more than a little obvious, right? Are they going to be secret lovers again or are they going to try to make that work, what’s going to become of these two as a couple?

I love it that Alex always knows what to say to make everything all better. I just love him to death, when he apologized to Bailey at the end and told her that she wasn’t the only one that didn’t do anything, my heart went all soft on him…because I heart Alex.

Can’t wait to see next week episode, although I can wait to see McDreamy aka McPokeMyEyesOutAlready sleep with McHottie, I really want to slice his throat open and pull a SAW 1, 2 AND 3 on his stupid dumb ass!

Ugh. Until next week…




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