One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode Four.

19 10 2006

Like Young Joc said in his smash hit, “It’s Goin’ Down” …next week.

Hot diggity dizamn, what a good episode it was last night. I mean, holy goodness, things are heating up in Tree Hill. Gosh, this show is so the business.

I’m glad that Peyton didn’t get a chance to tell Lucas how she really feels because though Brooke and Lucas are as Kristin from Laguna Beach says, DONEZO, I still feel it’s too soon for her to come clean with Lucas. They’ve got heaps to sort through before we get there, but after next week’s show, it’s going to be hard to NOT root them on, when Lucas is trying to save her from her stalker crazy psycho “brother” who isn’t even her brother…Derek.

That scene, last night at the end where Derek is with that hooker, making her dress EXACTLY how Peyton was dressed was just OH SO FRICKIN’ GROSS! And she did NOT look anything like Peyton with her toe up self. ICK! But, gosh the more crazy he is, the more excited I get, because Lucas will finally realize just how important and how much in love with Peyton he is after he thinks he’s going to lose her again to this crazy stalker guy. This stalker business is going to do SO MUCH for Lucas and Peyton’s relationship and gosh I can’t flippin’ wait to see it all go down…

Okay, the thing about this show that makes my skin crawl is KAREN AND DAN. What the hell are you thinking, Karen to actually think that you can have a “relationship” with Dan, “friendship” whatever you want to call it with this man, who dicked you when you were younger and PREGNANT with his child, to forget about all the crap that he’s done to not only you, but YOUR child, not to mention his WIFE and other child, Nathan, for you to think it’s okay to confide in him and trust him, just totally pisses me off and makes my skin crawl with a bunch of those damn spiders from The Covenant. It’s disgusting, I’m getting disgusted with YOU for asking him to go and talk to Lucas about things he couldn’t even talk to Nathan about, his beloved Nathan. Oh gosh, Karen you’ve gotta be dumber than rocks to actually think that you can start something good and solid with this crooked no good man. FIND SOMEONE ELSE! Date Whitey for all I care, just don’t frickin’ go anywhere near, Dan. Ya nasty!

Once again, Deb proves just how pathetic her role and her life on the show is last night, I’m so over her drug problem, I’m so over her madness with Haley and Nathan, I’m just so over HER. Moving along…

So, Haley’s the pregnant one? Is she the ONLY pregnant one and the whole Brooke being pregnant was just a decoy to the real pregnant mama? When Nathan and Haley were talking about it at the bar last night, I knew it was Haley and not Brooke as I thought. Which was pretty tight since I was so wrapped up in the whole Brooke being pregnant because of the wrench it’d throw in the Lucas and Peyton relationship that it didn’t dawn on me that maybe Brooke wasn’t even the pregnant one in the first place, but whatever…so Haley’s pregnant, she knows that Nathan doesn’t want a baby and next week, we find out that Nathan gets a scholarship to Duke. Well doesn’t that just suck big hairy monkey balls for Haley, Miss I want to go to Stanford?” What’s to become of these two lovebirds, I wonder?

Things that make you go, hmmmm?

Now Rachel is full of shiznit if she actually thinks I’m going to believe that she saw Keith in the lake with Nathan, we all know that she wants Nathan bad and being upfront about it didnt get her anywhere with him, so she’s moved on to lying to get him to get close with her so that she can seduce him and ruin his marriage with Haley, AGAIN….and if I don’t believe her, Nathan is going to be hella dumb if HE believes her conniving, lying no good self. She’s the self proclaimed bad girl of the bunch but she doesn’t really do much for me, I don’t care for her so to me, she serves no purpose, she’s this season’s Felix, didn’t care for him and look where he is now? I don’t know where he is but he’s NOT on the show anymore, WOO HOO! So she could come or leave for all I care…who cares about Rachel? She’s not even good enough for Mouth and Mouth is the least popular guy on the show, but I love Mouth too much to want him to end up with frickin’ Rachel…it should be all about Brooke for him. He belongs with Brooke. hehe. Just like Lucas belongs with Peyton, haha.

Those born again virgin girls, what is their deal? Is this goign to be what Brooke is fixed on finding out, I wonder what happened with home girl that tried to recruit skanky Brooke into their ranks of born again virigins, wonder what skeletons she’s got in her closet…

I can’t wait to see everything go down next week, so make sure that you guys watch it (Grace, Nicole and Aran) We will definitely need to gush next week, gosh I can’t wait…I do agree that this is the best writing I’ve seen yet on OTH, because next week, it’s goin’ down, meet me in the mall, it’s goin’ down…haha.

What are your thoughts on this weeks episode? Good or could’ve been better? Your favorite part of the episodes, things you’re looking forward to for next week and the coming episodes? Let me know…let’s dish..

Until next week…




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