One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode Five.

25 10 2006

For my girl, Aran in India, this post is for you sweets! There’s hella spoilers in this post, so if you haven’t watched the latest episode of One Tree Hill, then you might not want to read any further, but if spoilers don’t bother you…then come on, let’s get the discussin’ about tonight’s episode, it was the bomb!


So much to talk about this week. I swear it’s episodes like this that keep me coming back for me, every week without fail. Where to start?

How about at the beginning when we see Lucas sitting with his Mom, at her doctor’s appointment and then him walking away and running into THE hooker, who’s wearing Peyton’s stolen jacket and dressed EXACTLY like Peyton still? How about we start with her being injured in the exact same spot that Peyton was shot at in the school shooting? How about that? Dude, talk about someone’s got their screws a little loose? The guy (Derek) ought to be horse whipped and dragged behind a team of horses galloping along a very bumpy and very rocky road, dangling from the back of my chariot. It’s a sickness, I tell ya….a very sick, SICK sickness.


And what about Nathan’s reaction to Haley’s news? Oh gosh, I can’t really blame Nathan for his reaction with the way she just blurted it out to him, RIGHT AFTER he finds out about his acceptance to Duke, the college of his dreams. *shakes head* Talk about history repeating itself. And just when you think, Dan is turning his life around, he does something that reminds us that we really do hate his ass and just because he’s trying to turn a new leaf, doesn’t mean jack, the ass needs to turn over a whole tree to get back on track (LOL, Ralph!). But no matter how Haley told Nathan about the baby, I still felt bad for Haley because she didn’t ask for this baby anymore than Nathan did and I was a little bummed that he just walked out on her, after getting a call from frickin’ Rachel of all people. BUT, Nathan did redeem himself a bit when Rachel asked him, if Haley WASN’T pregnant, would she stand a chance? When he replied, “Not even for a second” with all the confidence in the world, I about swooned, I LOVE NATHAN! But not nearly as much as I’ll love him by the end of the show.

But moving on, when Haley turns to Dan to try to talk about her and Nathan’s latest hurdle to overcome, why did I already know Dan’s master plan? I knew he was going to have a shady talk with Nathan, after he was waxing on strong about what a wonderful mother Haley’s going to make and how he’s honored that she came to him, OH GIVE ME AN EFFING BREAK, I can’t believe Haley fell for that load of crock. Ugh. When he told Nathan that it was his turn to go after his dream because Haley went on tour to chase after her dream and just the way he said it, totally set my teeth on edge. I was grinding my teeth because I totally hate that man, with all that I am, I hate Dan Scott, so much so that I have to keep reminding myself that he’s a fictional character and I can’t strangle his throat and burn his ass and NOT fail this time. Ugh, he really gets on my hot damn nerves.

And Oh Mylanta! When Peyton finds Ellie’s picture in Derek’s hotel room and starts freaking out because she finds out that he’s got a trick “y” key on his keyboard to his laptop and realizes that Lucas was right about Derek, talk about CREEP ALERT! I mean seriously, I was getting hives I was so itchy with disgust! So, Derek, her “brother” is sending her IM’s, pretending to be Lucas and flirting with her and just being disgustingly gross with her, EWWWWWWWWWWW! I love it! This is definitely helping in the Lucas and Peyton campaign. Bring on the psycho, so Lucas can save the day! Eww and then when Derek comes back and sees her in his room and she lies about her Dad being home now and she’s not going to be able to see him as much anymore, and that he should go back to Florida, oh gosh…the drama is only beginning Peyton, be afraid….be very very afraid.

Holy crap in the pants!

What about that Press Conference? Was that something else or what? Nathan just keeps taking my breath away with how different he is than his father, Dickhead Dan! He’s the complete opposite of him and I just love that about him all the more. He’s good to Haley, he may go astray and do and say a lot of bonehead things, but at his core, Nathan is one of the best men on T.V. right now. And there is just nothing that I love more than to see him, up there declaring his love for Haley and their unborn child. Putting aside his dream to play at Duke to decide with Haley TOGETHER what their futures hold. Oh gosh, I just love Nathan Scott to death! He effing rocks my socks! GO NATHAN and I thought it was SO CUTE to see Haley crying with Karen, so effing cute!

Now, moving along….to Brooke’s date with Nick. Holy Shit on a Stick! She’s no better than Rachel, she knew what Rachel had done and not two minutes before was telling Rachel that she could never lie about her age to get a guy, but does she tell Nick her true age? Oh no, of course not…but I guess, after everything she’s been through with the whole Lucas and Peyton thing, I can understand her need to go a little crazy…so I won’t hold this against her, go Brooke, handle your business and go Brooke yourself!

And the Grand Finale of the whole episode? The wrong Derek being captured, Lucas freaking out because Peyton is at home and he knows that the “fake” Derek is with her and his desperation to get to her before she gets hurt, oh gosh this is the shit that I freaking love. This is the stuff that I live for…I just effing love this shit! LOL….the mad rush to get to Peyton and save her had my blood pumping and my ass at the edge of my seat, hoping and wishing that SOMETHING would happen, that Lucas would go in there and save the day…only to get his tazered and pass out on the floor!


Oh gosh, I was like, “What the hell kind of Captain Save a Hoe trick is that?”And after all his fighting with the fake Derek, Lucas is robbed of having to save Peyton because the REAL Derek comes in and kicks the fake Derek’s ass, and all the while the fake Derek is like, “Who the hell are you?” and he’s like, “I’m her brother, bitch” and then gets his ass tazered too! ROFLMAO, it’s too much…and don’t even get me started on Peyton’s dumb ass…oh my hell, she just stands there while Lucas is getting his ass tazered and only AFTER Lucas knocks the hell out from getting his ass zapped, does she think, Oh shit, let me hit this guy over the head with the lamp and butcher that up too! LMAO, oh gosh Peyton, your damsel in distress routine needs a lot of work, sweetie…haha, okay so I’m only kidding, but dude…what I heard when the real Derek was like, “I’m her brother, bitch” was, “I’m a brotha, bitch” …because he IS! Peyton’s brother is a straight up, brotha! He’s more suited to being one of the Brothers of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, because he really does look like he’s from the hood…LMAO! Oh I was rollin’…me and Mulu had us a good laugh at that on the phone after the show, which is why this post is coming a little late to you, Aran, sorry it’s all my best friend’s fault, she kept me on the phone laughing about tonight’s episode.

And then after all that drama, all the fighting with the fake Derek, he falls through the window thanks to both the real Derek and Lucas tackling his ass through the window, by the time they get downstairs and the cops come….THE FAKE DEREK IS GONE! Which means…

….it’s not over, Peyton.

HELL FREAKING YEAH, that’s what I’m talking about…and ROFLMAO, Brooke’s dating THE NEW TEACHER? Oh that’s genius, just real frickin’ genius, Brooke is a pimp! Pimp on, Brooke Davis, you hooker slut that I still like now that you’re OVER Lucas. YAHOO!

Until the week after next week, since it said tonight that they’d be back in two weeks from tonight…..I can’t frickin’ wait!




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