I’m Guilty AND Not Guilty.

26 10 2006

I was tagged by my buddy, Drake so here are my answers just for you, Drake sweets!

1. Dated outside your race? I’m hecka GUILTY,
I’ve only dated two guys IN my race.

2. Singing in the shower? GUILTY.
All the damn time.

3. Spit in someone’s drink? NOT GUILTY.
Ewww gross!

4. Played with Barbies? I’m STILL GUILTY of this, and what?

5. Made someone cry? GUILTY.
It comes with being a Mom and all, Brenna be trying to get away with murder, I don’t think so…

6. Opened your Christmas presents early? NOT GUILTY.
My Mom held a tight leash on our household, we didn’t WANT to get caught opening presents early.

7. Lied to a friend? GUILTY
…and ummm, no comment.

8. Watched and cried while watching a soap opera? GUILTY!
I cry all the damn time during soaps, especially General Hospital…that is the BOMB, I cried during Frisco’s Funeral and all sorts of other times.

9. Played a computer game for more than 5 hours? NOT GUILTY,
But I HAVE blog hopped and played on my board, Sanctuary for more than 5 hours at a time back in the day.

10. Ran through the sprinklers naked? NOT GUILTY
Not in my household.

11. Ate food that fell on the floor? GUILTY ,
Hello??? They didn’t make the 5 second rule for nothing.

12. Went outside naked? NOT GUILTY,
I’m a modest girl, it’s the way I was raised.

13. Been on stage? GUILTY
I used to dance all the time, did Polynesian shows and so I was ALWAYS dancing…I’m all about doing my siva Samoa…haha.

14. Been on stage naked or close to it? NOT GUILTY ,
Hello?? Didn’t I tell you I was modest?

15. Been in a parade? GUILTY
When I was in middle school, I walked in this one city parade with my volleyball team, it was so the business.

16. Been in a school play? GUILTY!
Eigth grade school play, I was a dancer, I was in ALL of the dance routines for the play. We did some Summer themed play, I forget what it was about though.

17. Drank beer? GUILTY
Once or twice but never again, that crap is MCNASTY!

18. Gotten detention? GUILTY
Ugh, my friend Manu was ALWAYS getting me into trouble and into detention in High School.

19. Been on a plane? GUILTY
Yes, finally I can say I’ve been in one and remembered it. I’ve flown to Denver twice this year, short flight but I still loved it! I love Denver even more!

20. Been on a cruise? NOT GUILTY.
Someday my Prince will come….and take me on a cruise. LOL.

21. Broken into a house? GUILTY
Yeah, my own.

22. Gotten a tattoo? NOT GUILTY
My body is a temple, or so my Mom always told me and I was not to graffiti up my temple! LOL.

23. Gotten piercings? GUILTY.
My ears.

24. Gotten into a fist fight? GUILTY
I’m #8 of 9 kids, of COURSE I got into fist fights…

25. Gotten into a shouting match? GUILTY
I’m #8 of 9 kids, of COURSE I got into shouting matches…

26. Swallowed sea/pool water? GUILTY
Totally on accident and I almost puked up my guts, NASTY!

27. Spun yourself in circles to get dizzy on purpose? GUILTY
I once was a young girl who liked to entertain herself by doing stupid things, this was one of them.

28. Laughed so hard it hurt? GUILTY
All the time, all the time…everytime I’m with Mulu, Ralph, Tita and B Nice, I ALWAYS laugh so hard it hurts!

29. Tripped on your own feet? GUILTY
*sigh* Yes, I AM a clutz sometimes.

30. Cried yourself to sleep? GUILTY
What girl hasn’t? Stupid boys…lol.

31. Cried in public? GUILTY
At movie theaters, in Church, at Firesides, anywhere…I’m a sap.

32. Thrown up in public? NOT GUILTY.
Not that I remember anyway…

33. Lied to your parents? GUILTY
I’m not as angelic as I’d have them believe….haha.

34. Skipped class? GUILTY
Can you believe I only skipped school TWICE, my whole high school years?

35. Cried so hard you threw up? NOT GUILTY
What the?? Who does that?




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