Eye Candy Friday: Ryan Phillippe

27 10 2006

Ryan Phillippe
For as long as I can remember, my friend Theresa aka Tita Boom has had a thing for two guys, Paul Walker and Ryan Phillippe. We’ve both had our crushes on Paul Walker, but for Therese, it’s ALWAYS been about Ryan Phillippe. So Tita Boom, aka Mz Nasty (haha), this week’s Eye Candy Friday is dedicated to you because I love you sweets! We’ve had our ups and downs this year (who are you kidding, huh? haha) but we’re family and I’m glad that we have worked out our problems, because my life isn’t the same without you girl….so for you, Tits (remember when Weelah used to call you that? LOL)….Ryan Phillippe.

Remember HOTTIE SEBASTIAN from Cruel Intentions, Helen still has my movie for this one in Colorado, I saw it. haha. Memories of Oceanside, that movie, that and Friday! LOL.

And what about THIS movie? LMAO.

Therese, do you remember this magazine that I came home with when I worked at Wal Mart? Holy Gosh, I DO!!!

I love this random pic of him!

Alright, that does it for this installment of Eye Candy Friday, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, Tita Boom, that’s ALL you sweets!!!

Until next week….




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