Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Nine.

31 10 2006

Whoa Damn.

I swear, the drama just keeps right on building up with each passing week and gosh I can’t wait for next week’s episode because the time has arrived, all of my fellow Michael/Sara fans, next week Monday, the day comes when Michael and Sara are…REUNITED! Don’t it feel so good? Reunited cause it’s understood, they’re one perfect fit and sugar, this one is it…we’re all just so excited cause they’re finally reunited hey hey! Okay, so I totally used that song last week for what was it? One Tree Hill? Who cares, because it suits Michael and Sara too, more so I think since the last time they saw each other was when Michael was still locked up in Fox Rivers and Sara was still a nurse at that God forsaken place. Oh gosh, I cannot effing wait until we finally get to see the two love birds back together again…I can’t wait to see what they’ll go through together, I’ve waited so long to see these two back together again, and gosh my patience has paid off because THEY’RE BACK TOGETHER YALL!!!

I was laughing my damn ass off last night when T Bag got to the house only to find out that the woman he was after was gone and…laugh of all laughs, Bellick and his sidekick were there to knock him upside his damn head, I dont’ want T Bag to have all that money, but I for damn sure don’t want Bellick and Co to have the money either, where’s the justice in that? Oh come on, someone come along and grab up this money, please? All that money canNOT end up with those stupid dorks!

C Note and his family. I can’t really say that I don’t like C Note, because a part of me does, I just don’t like him enough to take my attention off of Michael, Linc and even LJ for that matter, all of them combined pull more rank over C Note, but I hope that they get away though. C Note deserves a bit of happiness with his family, because they’re trying to catch him riding dirty, tryin’ catch him riding dirty, haha…

Now on to Michael, gosh this guy gets more and more smart with each episode, who knew a brain that big and smart can be such a turn on to me…because it totally is, Michael is the full package, he’s got it going on and it’s no wonder Sara is puddy in his hands, because gosh that guy is the bomb diggity! When he went and visited Mahone’s ex wife, pieced his puzzle together and WHAM! Threw it in his face, GO MICHAEL! But, he should’ve waited, he should’ve called the media or something as an anonymous caller and sold the story to them and to hell with Mahone, but I heard somewhere that one of the Feds is going to help them out, I wonder if it’s going to be “Lance” or if it’s going to be Mahone, I guess we’ll just have to keep watching to see if it’s true. I hope so it is, because….

FRICKIN LINCOLN AND LJ ARE CAUGHT! After all that damn effort on Michael’s part, I knew frickin’ Lincoln was going to get his ass caught, frickin’ stupid ass! If he would’ve just stayed with Michael a little while longer, they could have had his brains to help them get LJ and themselves out of the damn country, but NOOOOOOO, Linc the numbnuts dumbass gotta go and be Mr. I can save my son on my own and get their collective asses caught and thrown back into the damn system, STUPID STUPID STUPID! I hope that’s a dream that Lincoln is having and that it’s not really happening, because if it’s really happening, I just might have to hunt Dominic Purcell down and kick him in the shins, STUPID, doo doo dooooooo….Ugh.

The drama continues next week and boy I can’t wait…Michael and Sarah, HERE WE COME…

…Until next week.




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