I Need to Vent.

1 11 2006


This post is going to be one long ass vent and I need to vent this frustration out so if you don’t feel like reading about some drama, then come back tomorrow. I’m writing this post because the other night, my two nieces, Chloe and Chelsea and I had a “talk”. They wanted to vent their pieces and I tried, unsuccessfully to explain to them why I’ve “changed”.

I made a muck of my explanation when I was talking to them, so I wanted to explain my piece here, in hopes of figuring out just what is wrong with me. LOL. So that when I attempt to set my nieces straight, I’ll know exactly why I’m not around as much anymore.

A little background into the “talk” from the other night. We were the only ones home, with the kids, so me, Chloe and Chelsea are in the kitchen making dinner for the kids that were home and we’re talking, cracking jokes and doing what we do the best, laughing. Things quickly turned serious when Chelsea stated how pissed she was at her Dad for not letting her go to my brother, Pete’s house this past weekend, she mentioned that if it was her Uncle Tim, her Dad would have let her move in with him, but she couldn’t spend ONE flippin’ night at her Uncle Pete’s house. Uncle Tim, is her Dad’s brother. They asked me why I don’t stay for Sunday dinner anymore, and the truth of the matter is, I don’t want to be home anymore. I don’t remember the last Sunday dinner I stayed home for. I’m always either at Theresa’s house or Mulu’s house and now that Ralph is living near Mulu, I just might be at Ralph’s house from now on…B Nice, I haven’t forgotten you either, I’ll make my way over to your house as well. =) Anyway, there are a few reasons why I don’t stay home for Sunday To’ona’i anymore and here are some of the reasons.

My main gripe is with my brother in law. He can be the biggest ass in the entire whole fecking world and the kicker of it all is that he doesn’t even know it. There have been plenty of times that I can recall where I just wanted to sock him in his damn mouth. You see, he’s been losing a whole lot of weight, I think so far he’s lost like 85-90 pounds since January and though his body weight is getting smaller, his head is getting TOO BIG! Get over yourself already, really you are NOT the business, you’re still the person everyone hated at Church, growing up and you’ve still got the power to clear the room whenever you walk into the room. So really, you’re not the shit like you think you are. Unless, you’re the kind of shit that stinks up the room.

I can be the most naive person in the whole of my little world, because I’m just NOW seeing things that my friends have seen in my brother in law from the jump and I swear, it’s irritating the snot out of me. You see, my brother in law just got his degree and you’d swear he just received his God papers the way he walks around. There have been a couple of instances where he’s said some off the wall things that are just so hurtful…and he pays no mind at all to who he hurts with his remarks.

Earlier in the year, my brother Pete used to work for my BIL. BIL gave him a job because he needed one and so there you had it. It was a good move on the BIL since he needed all the help he could get at work, so he hired Pete and about 7 months ago, we find out that Tiffany is pregnant and not too long after that, Ron fires Pete. We all understood why he did it, weren’t mad at Ron for doing it, since Pete did miss a lot of work. So, then Pete starts working with my other brothers, doing plumbing and he’s really good at it. My brother, Mel took Pete under his wing and has taught him everything he knows about plumbing and about life in general, mind you, Mel is also the person we call to come and fix every little thing in our house that gets broken, the sink is clogged? The bathroom is flooded? The drain is backed up? Mel fixes ALL OF THAT FOR FREE, we need a plumber to come out to our house at least four times a month, can you imagine the amount of money that would cost us if we called a plumber to come in to fix our house, since Ron doesn’t know how to fix anything? *shakes head* Anyway, Pete’s learned a whole lot and he’s starting to turn into the responsible man we all knew he could be, we’re all really proud of Pete, my brothers have nothing but good things to say about Pete and how he’s doing at work. About two weeks ago, maybe three, my BIL approaches Pete and asks him to come back to work for him. Pete declines and tells him that he’s doing really good at the job he’s at right now and the pay is better, to which Ron’s reply was, “So you mean to tell me that you want to be a 40 year old plumber just like your brother?” The way he said it gave Pete pause and had his defenses jump right on up, then with all the pride he had in his brother, said, “Yeah, I do.”

I had talked to my sister about Ron asking Pete to go back to work for him, she said that he wanted to make sure that Pete had insurance with the baby coming along and what not. My thing with that is, he knew Pete was going to have a baby when he fired him all those months ago, why is he worried about Pete and the baby now, now that he’s got a steady job, and is happy at his new job? Whatever.

And then…what the hell is wrong with being a plumber? Is that job so beneath him? How dare he insult the man who comes to make sure that everything in HIS house is working smoothly so he doesn’t have to. How dare he insult the line of work that makes honest money because he’s got something so much better at his job, for my brother.

Well you know what? Take that job and choke on it.

When my brother, Pete was telling me this, I could picture the whole conversation because it is SO something he would say. He’s just so damn annoying, it’s not even funny. And to think, that I asked Pete why Mel doesn’t come around anymore and this is what I find out. What a dick.

He says and does things that just get on my nerves and I’m just really over him. It’s hard to just be civil to him because he makes it so hard. He’s the most selfish person I’ve ever met and I guess right now, I just don’t like being around him anymore. He’s going to push my sister into snapping and when she does, it’s not going to be pretty. He’s alienated most of my family (the boys in particular) and he hurt my parents feelings the other Sunday and I really just can’t stand it anymore.

The other Sunday, Chelsea called her other grandparents (his parents) to ask them if they were coming or not, because they were waiting on them to sit down and eat dinner. She was informed that they were NOT coming, so they all sit down to eat and wait for Ron to come out of the room, where he’s laying down and he refused to come and eat with them. But about ten minutes after they start eating, his parents show up and BAM, he comes into the dining room, empties my sister’s entire plate of food onto my niece’s plate and then proceeds to fix himself a plate WITH MY SISTERS PLATE. My Mom was upset because he refused to come eat with them but as soon as his parents came, he was hungry again, she felt like he was too good to eat with them and then without a thought to their feelings, comes out and eats all of the food that THEY prepared. My parents spoil us rotten, every Sunday they make a feast and bring all of the food to our house to eat. They did it mostly for the kids and us, because it’s just them two at their house but they’re just not feeling the love with him (Ron) anymore. So much so, that they’re not going to be joining Sunday to’ona’i anymore…it’s this instance wrapped up with other instances that have just formed into this big ball of frustration that is driving everyone away.

So, how do I tell Chloe and Chelsea that the reason I don’t come around as often anymore is because I can’t stand their Dad? Those of you guys who know my living arrangement, know about THOSE issues that I have with him and it’s just too many things on top of other things and I just really don’t care for him anymore. I’m looking to get out and just as soon as I find the perfect place, I’m collecting the money I gave him for my room and will be taking off, much to the chagrin of Chloe and Chelsea. They cried when I told them I want to move out. Then they asked me if they can move in with me when they both turn 18.

And the reason they both want to move out is…their Dad.

Ugh, gosh he’s such an ass.




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