Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Ten.

8 11 2006

Whoa dang again.

This episode wasn’t all that, the reunion wasn’t all that, I done hyped myself up to be sorely let down because the fireworks were just not on and crackin’ last night when Sara finally met up with Michael again…after all the time that I’ve waited for them to be reunited.


But, I laughed when Bellick got clobbered by his sidekick and his stupid sidekick ran off with the money. All of that torturing T Bag was disturbing and I didn’t like it one bit. It was gross, they made him shit the key out, GROSS! And then they went through his shit to find the key, gosh, would I do all of that for $5 million? I hope not.

I guess it’s a night of reunions because Linc was reunited with his father, what the hell was his name? Aldon, Aldo Burrows? What a name. LOL. So this is the guy that fathered both Michael and Linc, huh? How quaint and there’s a little two faced shit that’s working for the bad guys in the Trifecta that Linc’s pops works for, huh? And now, that guy is going to kill Linc (yeah right), who’s going to get shot? If it’s LJ, OMGOSH that’s going to be some major drama and Linc is going to be even more pissed off and he’s going to go after the damn bad guys and man that might be something to look forward to.

Sara, Sara, Sara sweetie….we know that you have no reason to believe ANYONE because everyone has done nothing but lie to you from the get go, but sweetie, Michael is the best of the liars, he did what he had to do to get his brother out of prison, his brother, the innocent one, he had to do it sweetie and now that you didnt’ trust Michael, the bad guy, “Lance” got you now and he’s going to make you suffer, after all he’s nothing but a little pee on working for the bigger dog and he’s gotta prove himself, so he’s kind of desperate to prove his worth to the powers that be and well, now you’re caught once again in the crossfire. You should’ve had more faith in Michael, he could have gotten you out of there but nooooooooo, ia that’s what you get for wanting to be Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman done got her extensions pulled out and she ’bout to get manhandled…

Moving right along to Mahone. HA HA NEENER NEENER NEENER! Your punk ass is locked up in a ready made cage of Michael’s doing. HA! Once again, Michael has outsmarted you and once again, you’re up against a big wall, hahahahaha….Mahone sweetie, you deserve all the bad things in the world to happen to you because you are nothing but a cheap shit head who is going to get his justice desserts and man I can’t wait to see you go down…I hope the little Chinese man puts you out of yours as well as our, misery next week.

Sucre, honey…you’ve got trouble coming your way, you better be prepared for it, Papi, because Hector’s limp dick ass is coming after you.

I wonder what’s going to happen next week, I wonder who Michael is asking to keep his end of the bargain to, I wonder if it’s the guy that Abruzzi was going after, I wonder who gets shot, Linc or LJ? Or is it, Aldo? Is that even his name? I forgot what it was and I wonder just how in the hell Sara is going to get away from the stupid Lance guy, gosh so much to look forward too…

Who do you guys think Michael went to see?




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