The CMA’s.

8 11 2006

My brother Pete and I have been Carrie fans from the first time we saw her on her audition for American Idol, two seasons ago. I remember how we would NEVER miss an AI episode and we looked forward to hearing her sing, every week. And to this day, Carrie is still my favorite American Idol, American Idol Contestant and all that junk. She’s just the shit to me, I think she can blow and she’s just oh so pretty, if I liked girls, I’d totally like someone like Carrie, but since I don’t like girls, my brother loves her enough for the both of us. He had the biggest crush on her and I thought it was so funny, the way he would sit through the episodes week in and week out and then we’d both sit there AFTER the show and vote for Carrie, over and over again, making damn sure she stayed out of the bottom 3. We totally helped her win that season, haha.

But, as with all crushes, I thought my brother’s crush on Carrie would fade away. Last night, proved how wrong I was on that count. You see, last night the 40th Annual Country Music Awards came on and during Prison Break, I was flippin’ back and forth between FOX and ABC, from 8-9pm.

Pete was over because last night was my nephew’s birthday and we had cake and ice cream for him, so Pete brought the cake and we all had dinner and more good times were had. And so when 8pm came rollin’ around, my whole house was putting the dinner remains away, cleaning up so that they can watch the CMA’s. There are 5 TV’s in my house. 4 downstairs and 1 upstairs and since I was doing laundry, I watched TV upstairs. Pete didn’t want to watch TV downstairs so he came upstairs to watch TV with me, I know he came upstairs because he didn’t want to talk with the dumb brother in law.

He was getting so pissed off because I kept flippin’ back and forth and he was so afraid that he was going to miss Carrie’s performance. I was looking forward to her performance too, but not enough to miss a minute of Prison Break to watch it. So for the first half of PB, all I heard was, “Turn it back,” It was really getting on my nerves. We fought like little school children because he refused to go downstairs and watch it on one of the many TV’s down there. He also refused to go downstairs period, but when PB started getting good, he threw in the towel and stormed downstairs, and just to be ornery (and because a commercial came on for PB) he was like half way down the stairs when I flipped it back to ABC just in time to see Carrie’s performance. He must have heard them announce Carrie’s name because he went stomping down the stairs so loud and so pissed, that you heard every footstep he took until he got to the back room.

And then he texted me and called me a stupid bitch.

LOL, good times, good times.

I thought she did great, and though I missed some performances, I’m not too worried about it since they’ll be up on YouTube soon anyway….my favorite part of the whole CMA’s last night was Faith Hill’s reaction to Carrie Underwood (YAY) winning Best Female Vocalist of the Year.

Oh it’s priceless, so priceless that I tried looking for it all day and my BBB found it for me on Pop Sugar, oh gosh it was frickin’ hilarious….so since Ames was good enough to send it to me, I’m sharing it with all of you guys….

And the winner of the Best Female Vocalist of the Year is…..CARRIE UNDERWOOD.

LMAOLMAOLMAO!!! I’m hella rollin’…




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