Grey’s Anatomy: Season Three, Episode 7

10 11 2006


This episode didn’t really do much for me to get me all excited to watch the upcoming episodes. I mean, so the boys go on some camping trip, Derek wants to go and spend some time out in the woods, preferably by himself but he doesn’t mind asking Preston, his supposed friend to come with him, only to find out later that he damned near invited the whole Men’s Room at Seattle Grace, including the gay bartender that serves their beer and his Asian, boyfriend.

Oh joy.

Woopty Doo.

I wasn’t really feeling it, until Alex and George got into the slap fight, THEN I was rollin’. I thought for sure that Alex was going to beat his ass and I thought that was frickin’ awesome! And then they knocked down Joe’s gay boyfriend and then Burke had to operate on him and then George realized that something is wrong with Burke, something is so wrong that he starts to get very suspicious about it all and then I got a little excited thinking that George was going to rat him out, my heart was really set on Burke getting in trouble with the Chief, but frickin’ George let me down….just like he always does.

Then the whole Meredith Grey and Mark Sloan business? Oh hell to the no, that better not happen, not in this lifetime because if one more frickin’ hottie doctor falls for Meredith Grey’s charms one more damn time, I’m going to go on a puking spree and puke right over all of the writers heads. I will not stand for yet another doctor falling for Meredith. She’s been through too many of the damn doctor’s already, she’s frickin’ McSlutty.

I do kinda like the sparking of friendship between Addison and Callie. I think that they’d make a good friendship, not with the Interns, but their own little friendship. Addison needs a friend and well Callie needs to keep her panties on and stay away from little George for a little bit so that he has ample time to find another woman because I still don’t like Callie for George. Find someone else for him, please? OR…make him gay on the show. He’s gay in real life I’m sure it’ll work if hes gay on the show too, come on…Seattle Grace needsa gay man on the set. Why not George?

Hmmm, what else did I like in this show? Not much but oh yeah…there was Izzy digging through that girls’ crap, yeah I liked that part, especially since I’m still annoyed with little Miss Muffin. She makes me mad and I don’t want Alex to get back with her, I want her to want Alex and I want Alex to give her the shaft because I think Alex deserves better than the likes of her, someone like….ADDISON. Gosh, I’m biting at the bit to see something develop between Alex and Addison, I think they’ll make a cutie couple, I hope that the powers that be over at Grey’s Anatomy Headquarters reads my blog and wants them to get together, because PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Aside from that, nothing else caught my fancy and nothing else pissed me off more than Christina and Burke but I’ll leave that for another day since I don’t want to talk about it again…Ugh. Makes me mad.

Until next week…




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