Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Ten.

15 11 2006


I thought for sure, Michael was a goner when the Latin guys were going to shoot his ass, thank the good Lord above that Sucre came back. Michael and Sucre are back together again…woo hoo! When Sucre came running in to save the day, I was beyond excited! I thought it was Lincoln coming to save Michael but was pleasantly surprised to see Sucre instead, GO SUCRE GO! I thought it was cool of Michael to set that man free and it certainly paid off when he told Michael where the plane was really going to be. So Sucre, see? Having a heart is not a bad thing. And hot damn, Michael is looking more and more scruffy and he looks more and more D to E to the L I C I O U S …LOL.

I thought for sure that Lincoln and Aldo (what a name) were going to save Sara Tancretti. Holy smokes, I wanna kill “Lance” whatever his real name is because of the stupid things he’s doing to Sara. And was it me or did he just look like the biggest retarded ass in the world, when he was yelling at Sara? I mean seriously, he sounded like a straight up pansy yelling at Sara to tell him what she knows. I wouldn’t be scared if that guy was trying to torture me, I’d be laughing in his face because he sounded so silly trying to be Billy Bad Ass, let’s be real now…NOT WORKING. A part of me wants to point my finger at Sara and say, “THATS WHAT YOU GET” for leaving Michael but the other part of me is feeling bad for Sara..she didn’t deserve this and gosh Michael seriously needs to save her from “Lance” because he’s crazy in his ugliness and it won’t be pretty when he’s done with Sara. The short ugly Asian dude should have just ended “Lance” (what the hell is his real name? You know I can’t be arsed to remember his unimportant name) when he had the chance. All of these chances that he keeps getting is really starting to show how incompetent the whole operation is and lets me believe that sooner rather than later, the whole operation is going to be revealed for all to see. They’ve got a bunch of losers trying to keep this stupid secret. It’d be a hoot to see it all come to a head though.

T Bag…damn, talk about, “Don’t mess with my money” …he straight up killed Geary. Now aint that about a dozen beeyatches! I wonder what he found in the bag though, a little something something that Geary left behind or what? Hmmmm, curiouser and curiouser…

Damn, so they played it up with the whole Michael confessing, making me believe that whoever he was confessing to was the one he was looking to for help to get to the plane or whatever. I wonder though, if they’ll make it in time to catch the plane. And do they really need the plane now that they have the Trifecta working with them? And is that lady warrior really trustworthy to keep LJ safe? How do we know she’s not one of the bad guys? Is that what we’re going to see next week? Hmm, this show answers one question and then ten million other questions pop up for next week, it’s really good at sucking me in.

Damn, what about Linc. All sexy with his fighting self. I was like, “Whoa dang, that’s hot!” You go Lincoln Burrows with your bad self. haha…I loved it!

Damn, there’s only two more episodes before the fall finale, I’m SO not looking forward to that. Ugh. Because then we wont’ see Prison Break until frickin’ March or something. But, damn I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

So until then, see ya next week..




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