One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode Seven.

16 11 2006

Tonight’s show wasn’t all that I was expecting it to be. It was just okay for me. So you guys don’t get a whoa dang from me this week, sorry.

But the blog must go on…I know I’m not going to finish this tonight as I’m way too weary to be thinking straight right now, but whatever…on with the post.

Let’s start tonight’s blog entry with Brooke and Rachel. The unlikely duo. Ick, these two just aren’t all that interesting to me, I don’t care about these two, but I think that Rachel isn’t as bad as she’d have everyone believe she is, I knew she was telling the truth about Nick and dude, Nick looked so effing gay at the end of this show when Red Dress (was that the winner from America’s Next Top Model?) was in his bedroom? Nick Chavez was such a joke. We should have known he was up to no good when he found out how old Brooke really was and continued to see her anyway. Ewww, what a sleazebucket full of worms. YUCKY! I’m glad that Mouth didn’t try to go and meet up with Red Dress because she was too ugly for him, I didn’t even think she was cute at all, I hope she doesn’t win America’s Next Top Model, sorry Ames if you like her, but dude ick factor for me. Did anyone awwwww to the tv screen at the end, when Brooke walks back into Rachel’s room and is all like, “Hey friend,” I didn’t.

The whole Nathan thing, what is that about? Dude, talk about hire better people to play the bad guys, because watching Rick Fox, King of the Brick Shot, EX Laker trying to play his hand at being a bad guy, only succeeded in making me laugh. Rick Fox aint scary, come on now. He’s more suited to playing a child molester than a scary guy. Nathan, don’t even worry about it, his jump shot is shit compared to yours and if he tries to come after you, sic your crazy Dad on him, Dan is WAY more scarier than Rick Fox ever will be. And your psycho Mom can go after his beater upper guy, I’m sure she can take him after that karate chop she almost did on the Pharmacy guy…LOL, oh Deb you do make me laugh.

Haley getting the dose of reality where kids are concerned was a bit exagerrated, in my opinion. Take your slipper off and whip them into shape, Haley…it works like a charm. =) Two kids aint nothing…

Lucas’ saving Nathan’s life by throwing those two jump shots, I must have missed what the big deal was about missing TWO shots since the Ravens were already winning the game. Is it because Lucas only gets fifteen minutes in each game and so his only two points he would have made he had to throw them away? I’m really not getting why you’d be all pissed off about two points, Luc..seriously? You need to worry about getting back with Peyton, that’s all, kay? GOSH. Enough with this fifteen minutes of fame business, get you some action off the court, sheesh.

Peyton and Derek’s odd sibling bonding. I think it’s kind of weird and Peyton’s got this weird look on her face everytime she gets scared that I can’t help but cringe every time I see it. It’s like, that terrified look? It’s not a good look on her but I understand Peyton, you’re hecka scared because the psycho Derek is still out there, who knows, maybe he’s watching you in the shadows, because I seriously don’t think we’ve seen the last of him. I’m so glad that you’ve got not only Lucas to fall back on but Derek as well, the real Derek that is. Derek is a good guy and he’s family…I think he rocks and him trying to teach you to look out for yourself is just the bizomb, I love all this brotherly love business. Since, I know he’s a guest star on the show, that means that soon…he’s going to be shipped to Iraq, which is really going to suck for Peyton.

I wonder if Lucas will ever see Peyton that way again. Because if he IS, then he sure is taking his damn sweet time figuring it all out. I want him to just hurry up already and I want the light to just pop on in his head when he turns to see Peyton drawing or something, I want to see him realize it, because I know that he does, soon, us Leyton fans have waited forever already, quit dangling that relationship in front of us, BE ABOUT IT ALREADY GOSH.

Alright, the whole Dan and Karen thing…this is my theory on that whole bit. Dan figures he will never have the respectable wifey in Deb to go along with his Mayor persona, so in order to get his squeaky clean rep in tact, he’s going to woo Karen into becoming his “wifey” so that he can finally have the wife and family that he wanted to show to Tree Hill in his campaign. Because who doesn’t love Karen Roe in Tree Hill? Well, besides Deb….Deb, who makes me laugh with how pathetic she is. Punking the Pharmacy Old Man to get some damn drugs and then getting herself thrown in the slammer where she fits right in with the rest of the hookers in there. Oh it was too funny, when Dan walks up and is like, “So, which one of you whores is my ex wife Deb?” And then his whole, “I’ll get you out of here and make this all go away if you sign Tric back over to Karen.”


Yeah, he doesn’t love Karen, he just wants to cleanse his soul of taking care of Keiths woman and child(ren), including Lucas to appease the guilt he has over killing Keith and then on top of all that, he’ll have the respectable family, oh gosh…he’s so yucky it sickens me.

I’m still wondering what Whitey knows about it all, and if he knows that Dan killed Keith? Why doesn’t he come out and say anything about it? I read somewhere that it was Mouth that knew about Dan killing Keith, but why on earth wouldn’t he come out and say anything? Maybe they think Dan will kill them too. Who knows…

Mouth and Gigi are too cute. I hope they last a while longer, because she’s really pretty and perfect for Mouth, Mouth need to stop trying to jump for the Type A’s (Brooke, Rachel, Red Dress) and stick to the Type B’s (Gigi) of this world, he’ll be a lot more happier.

So next week, Derek tells Peyton that she should give her and Lucas a shot, go after him at the same time that Brooke is trying to get back with Lucas? Oh please, I’m not buying this whole, I’m still in love with you Lucas, not when you were just crying over Nick like a lovesick little hooker. Make up your damn mind, Brooke Hoey Davis. You’re pissing me off again, which seems to be the norm these days. And Nathan, honey, what have you gotten yourself into? Go crying to your Daddy, Dickhead Dan, or have Lucas tell him to help you, he seems to like THAT family better these days.

Until next week….

*sorry this is posted late, Aran, I was too tired to post it earlier*




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