Grey’s Anatomy: Season Three, Episode Eight.

17 11 2006


I’m not sure what to think about tonight’s show, I didn’t feel much of anything, nothing greater than mild interest. I wonder what’s going on…are they having a bad writing season, because I was as excited to watch this show as I have been the past. This is starting to feel a lot like Desperate Housewives and if I get to that place where I can’t enjoy this show anymore, I have no idea what I’m going to do with my Thursday nights. Read more, maybe? But I like watching Grey’s, I just want something MORE from them and though I don’t know why, I expect them to know…stupid I know, but still, its how I feel dammit.

Now you know good and well that George is going to find out about Burke and he’s going to find out about Christina’s secret, so why she continues to play dumb about it all remains a mystery to me, gosh for someone as smart as Christina is, she sure is dumb!

I hate George’s brothers, really I do…I want someone to run them over in a truck or something, ANYTHING that will get them both to just shut the hell up. I hate the way they treat George at his own work place, makes me wish George would take them away from their Dad and just beat them the hell up and be done with it. They’re a bunch of punks!

I loved how Addison tried to put a stop to Mark’s constant punking of the interns (aka Alex Karev) and that Seattle Grace is a learning hospital. I loved how I KNOW something is going to happen between Alex and Addison and man I can’t frickin’ wait to see it all unfold. YAY buddy!

The whole “I can’t” business with Izzy makes me sick. She needs to get over herself and isn’t her 90 Days soon to be up pretty soon on that check? Cash it already you bonehead and buy yourself something to forget about the fact that you killed the person who gave you that money. Gosh she is stupid.

I hated that couple with the daughter who got ran over by the nanny. It was clear that the nanny LOVED their daughter and wouldn’t EVER have run her over if she saw her and it was more than a little bit clear that the love was reciprocated by the daughter, how they blamed the babysitter for all of their problems only made me all the more madder at the stupid Mom. She was a tool!

The whole Bright and Sunny thing for Derek and Meredith makes me want to yawn, but hey at least they know it too and are just goign to enjoy being together, they’re so cute!

..until next week…




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