Because I’m Lazy…

18 11 2006

Sorry girls, I’m too lazy to do a Eye Candy Friday today, so I’ll get back to that soon…but instead I’m doing this questionaire thing, since I feel like it and I like talking about myself. LOL. Oh yeah and Kookie girl, I stole this from you. haha.

1. Single or taken?

I’m still single and looking, ugh.

2.Do you have a crush on anyone?

Oh I have A LOT of crushes, most of them are inappropriate crushes like the crush I have on one of the girls on my soccer team’s Dad. He’s so hot. But then there’s all of my celebrity crushes and then, that ONE crush that I hate that I still have.

3. Do they know?

Oh heck no, you want me to go to Hell? I’m not a homewrecker. The celebrities, well they don’t even know ME, so that answers that but that other crush, I’m not so sure.

4. Do you flirt a lot?

*sigh* I think so, I gotta work on that.

5. Who was your best relationship with?

Hmmm, my high school boyfriend, Devin. Yeah, that’s a safe one.

6. Do cheaters deserve a second chance?

I didn’t give them one, but I’m not sure…I hate cheaters but what if I loved him? Who knows.

7. Serious or Fun-loving?

Who, me? I’m fun loving but I can be serious, sometimes.

8. Humor or Romance?

Hmmm, a little bit of both, por favor.

9. Dark or light hair?

On a man? I like all the mens…dark hair, light hair, I don’t care..if he looks good, I like him.

10.Shorter or taller than you?

For those of you who know me, you know I don’t do anything shorter than me. Eww.

11. Do you kiss strangers?

Only when I’m feeling frisky…okay yeah right, no I don’t.

12. Do you hug strangers?

No, why would I do that? Maybe I should.

13.How long was your longest relationship?

Hmmm, 10 months? Oh shut up, I have commitment issues.

14. Do you believe in kissing when you are not together yet?

If we’re talking, then heck yeah…bring on the kissing.

15. Do you think about the opposite sex a lot?

All day, everyday.

16. Have you ever slept at a friend of the opposite sex’s house?

Hmm, not that I remember. I stayed at Pu’es house really really late, got home in the morning, but we watched tv the whole night/morning while Theresa slept. LOL.

17. Do you tell your friends they are hot?

Hmmm, no I tell them they’re sexy.

18. Would you rather have a sweet, clever guy/ girl or a wild one?

A sweet and clever guy with wild tendencies.

19. Have you ever liked someone a lot (and they knew it) who didn’t like you back?

Yeah, I hate when that happens.

20. Do you feel comfortable with joking with your friends who are the opposite sex?

Umm, yeah…these questions are pretty lame now that I think of it.

21.Chocolates or flowers?

I’m not a fan of those chocolates that come in that box, so I’d say flower or a CD or DVD. LOL.

22. Have you ever been in the friends-with-benefits situation?

Hmmm, wouldn’t you want to know.

23. Teddy Bear or Card?

Card, I have enough teddy bears.

24. Would it be sweet or annoying if someone of the opposite sex called just to say hi?

Sweet, hello???

25. Ever felt like your Girlfriend/boyfriend didn’t like you?

Yeah, turned out, I was right.

26. Ever been cheated on?

*sigh* Yeah.

27. Ever done the cheating?

Yeah, when I was young and dumb.

28. Ever cried over a break up?

All three of them.

29. Ever kissed or hugged your girlfriend/boyfriend in front of a teacher and got in trouble?

What the hell kind of question is that?

30. Do you believe in miracles?

Hello, I AM the miracle..LOL, jk. Yes, I do.

31. Is it easy for you to get over people who were special to you?


32. Have you ever made a birthday wish or blew on a dandelion on a relationship?


33. Have you ever had a broken heart?

Yeah, it wasn’t fun times….but I’m OVER it.




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