Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Twelve.

21 11 2006


Talk about the drama keeps building until it’s at an all time high. I mean seriously, can this show BE any more heart pounding? I mean, I swear I’ve aged 20 years in the hour of this show.

From Sara getting away from Lance the dirty fed who is pretty much Dead Lance from the looks of things, to Aldo dying in the backseat in Michael’s arms, to frickin’ T Bag framing Bellick for Geary’s death, talk about WHOA. And now the Feds are in full pursuit of Sucre in the jet and Michael and Lincoln are at the hands of Alex.


My heart can’t take much more of this but I’m sad because after next week, we’re going to have to wait until damn near March for a new episode of Prison Break. Dammit. We just got Prison Break back and we’re losing it again…I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself on Monday nights without Prison Break to entertain me. Read a book, I’d imagine.

But gosh, talk about an awesome show and my heart is going to break next week if one of Michael or Lincoln die…and I’d stop watching the show if EITHER of them died. They better not die, Mahone better have a change of heart and he better help them out and he better let them go.

But gosh, I wonder what he’s going to do, kill them? help them? I’m not sure..but dude, he better not frickin’ hurt them, shiznit it’s killing me wondering what the hell is going to happen next week.

Sara, HOLY CRAP IN THE PANTS, SARA…you poor smart thing you…I’m so proud of you, when you were burning Lance with the iron, oh gosh I about doubled over in my mirth, it was the bomb! The way Lance was yelling, dude it was hilarious and to see you jump out of the window like you were batgirl, that was some Sydney Bristow shit right there and I frickin’ loved it…girl, you done did me proud today, done did me proud, I loved it!

Gosh, Aldo…I was so looking forward to getting to know you better and to see you get to know your sons better, I was so looking forward to seeing you help clear Lincoln’s name. How in the world are the boys going to find LJ again if you’re dead? Dude, the drama done just escalated with you dying…why did you have to die??

I hate Mahone.

The show is going to be hella good next week and I’m not excited about it because that means that it’s the last show we’ll be getting.


I hate the Fall Finale.

Dammit all to hell, I’m gonna miss Michael and Lincoln every Monday night. But dude, I can’t wait to see what happens and frickin’ C Note, that’s what you get…now what are you going to do to get your wife out of jail? Idiot. Yeah, well…I wonder what’s going to happen to your ass next week too…and where the hell is the crazy guy?

What are you looking forward to seeing next week and what was your favorite part of this week’s show?

Until next week…




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