YAY, It’s Done!

21 11 2006

Whoa Dang.

I woke up early Saturday morning (after going to sleep EARLY Saturday morning) because I had an 11 o’clock soccer game that I didn’t get a stand in coach for, so though my sisters were pissed, I still had to go and coach a game…someone would have had to have gone to the game because with both Brenna and Cheridan out, we wouldn’t have enough players to play the game, so it was a good thing I went because my team needed me. So anyway, Mulu comes to the house to come with me to the game, we get there a little late but all is well, we have 9 girls to put into the game and before the game starts, Mulu’s only job was to put up the team banner, that was the main reason I needed her to come with me because I wouldn’t have been able to put up the banner while I warmed the girls up for their game and Blanche wouldn’t let me take Chloe or Chelsea to help me (to punish me for not getting someone to cover the game, but meh, whatever) so the job went to Mulu.

She broke my damn team banner.

But I didn’t even care, because early in the first half of the game Brenna is playing left half back and she races for a stray ball and as she’s dribbling it toward the goal, there’s no one to pass it to so she takes the shot and….SCORES! It was her very first goal EVER, in all the years she’s been playing soccer and so I was so happy for her because she was over the moon (or sun, whatever works) and so I’m jumping up and down, my parents are on the sideline jumping up and down and I turn to Mulu and she’s talking to one of the parents, totally MISSED Brenna’s first goal, so she asks me what happened, I tell her and she turns the Mom she was talking to (whom she just met by the way) and says, “Dangit Desiree, you made me miss my girls goal!” And just as she says that, Brenna is running by her so she yells to Brenna, “Do that again, I missed it!”

So…late in the third quarter, Brenna…SCORES AGAIN! I was so excited for her because she’s usually very shy of scoring goals, but she must’ve eaten her Wheaties that morning, because she was all over that field, stealing the ball from this girl, blocking a shot from that girl and then scoring two goals! I was so happy and she was on top of the world, when we got home, she was telling everyone that would listen about her two goals and she racked up $22 for her two goals, my baby is a hussler. LOL. She told me to put in the bank and Mulu told her, “Oh no, thats for me and your Mom’s lunch, we’re broke!” So yeah, we ended up beating the other team, 4-0 and the girls were so happy, which in turn made me really happy and Mulu seems to think that our win (which is our first win in three games) was totally her doing because she came. She said her presence alone was what got the girls going, so as everyone is telling the girls “GREAT JOB” and “GREAT GAME” Mulu is telling all the girls, mainly Brenna for scoring her two goals, “You’re Welcome that I came” *shakes head* I swear, that girl thinks too highly of herself. It was the bomb.

Now onto the shower…

The shower came together fantastic. We had a great time, a great turnout and the food was good too. But the highlight of the shower was most definitely the games. We played four games and all four games, Mulu stole the spotlight in them all. The first game was Name that TV Family, where a handout was passed out and we had to fill in the kids in each of the tv sitcoms families. There was the Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, Seventh Heaven, Family Ties, you know shows like that…Mulu made me laugh my ass off because she had the kids for Family MATTERS written down for Family TIES. Oh my gosh, she’s retarded.

The second game was the Match the Socks race game and Mulu dominated that game as well until my cousin, Domi came up and then Mulu lost…bad, haha, it was hilarious the way Mulu and my Aunt were taunting each other…they wouldn’t accept defeat and their competiveness carried onto the next game.

The third game, was Musical Bottles. We passed three bottles around and when the music stopped, whoever had the bottle had to race to drink all of the lemonade out of the bottle. It was between, me, my aunt Josie and of course, Mulu. While Josie cheated and unscrewed her bottle top off and downed the drink, thereby disqualifying herself, Mulu damn near bit the nipple clear off the bottle in her rush to get the lemonade drunk before my Aunt finished her bottle and then there was me, sucking for all I was worth and still lost because of those stupid cheaters.

The last game we played was the team game and the team captains were of course, Mulu and my aunt Josie. I was on Mulu’s team and the game was The Butt Game. Each team got a word, and whoever is up has to spell the baby word with their butts and whoever guesses the most words correctly wins the game. At the end of the game, both teams were tied up so we had a speed tie breaker round, where both teams received the SAME word and we had to guess what the word was…it was also just a random word, so the buzzer rings and off they go to spell their word, first letter is T, second letter is O, third letter is J and me and my sister in law, Les are looking at each other, like, “I don’t get it” and yet, Mulu is going back and doing it all over again, T then O then J then A then ….WE LOST. And Mulu, was sooo disappointed in us. She did NOT want to lose against my Aunt. So then still confused, we ask what the word was since we were concentrating too hard to hear what it was. It was TROJAN. As in USC (they were playing in the background while we were playing) TROJANS…and so as both me and Lesley are looking at each other all confused like, Mulu is very loud like blaming our loss totally on US, saying that her ass was perfectly fine, it was our eyes that were in the wrong, so then they start talking about, I saw the T and the R and the O and then while everyone is laughing, me and Les narrow our eyes and Mulu starts cracking the hell up because her stupid ass spelled, TOJAN instead of TROJAN…so we lost because as she said, “Oh crap, I forgot to put on my spell check!” What a dumbass. LMAO…oh it was funny!

So yeah, we had a great shower and loads and loads of laughs. I was shocked that my sister from Vegas actually drove out here for the shower because she’s usually scarce during our family functions so it was a pleasant surprise when she showed up Saturday morning.

This weekend was action packed but I had a blast and am so glad that we had the shower, that Pete and Tiffany got the rest of the things they needed and it was good to see Tiffany enjoy herself and just let loose. She’s like, “You guys are crazy for a bunch of Mormons who don’t drink!” She couldn’t believe we have that much fun being SOBER, girl…it’s not about the alcohol, it’s about the company and we’re great company, I tell ya! haha. Pete was a good sport and he entertained us with his dancing and his jokes, so all in all it was a great day. So great that it took me ALL of Sunday to recoup from all of my fun on Saturday. haha.




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