It’s The Safest Car On the Road.

22 11 2006

If you guys remember, Mulu got into a car accident. I talked about it in this post, here. Well, she wasn’t IN the car when her car got smashed in, thankfully but her car was totalled…so she had to get a new car. Now, her old car was a Ford Explorer, not the newest model but her Dad bought her the car so she wasn’t really picky about it. It got us from point A to point B and we were happy campers…and then she had to park her car in the street outside her work and a van ran into it, hit it so hard that it jumped the curb and was chilling on the sidewalk ACROSS from where she parked the car, breaking down the fence that stood in the empty lot where her car landed.


That happened in last month, so her Dad assured her that she was going to get a new car. So she’s been having to catch a ride to and from work and then wherever else she needs to go until her Dad gets the insurance money from the accident to get a new car. Mulu was so excited about everything too, until her Dad comes to work in this brank spankin’ new white 2006 Toyota Corolla (sp?). Mulu was more than a little blown away at the car that her Dad picked out for her but she loves it already. So she gets into the car and she’s all giddy and whatever because she’s got this bomb ass car now, right?


Sorry, I had to stop laughing in order to finish this story.

So Saturday, her Dad comes to pick her up in the brand new Corolla and she was so happy then Sunday morning came and she gets up to get ready for Church and since she’s in the Singles Ward, she goes to Church by herself so by the time she was ready to leave for Church, she walks outside and sees the Corolla gone and in it’s stead is her Dad’s MINI VAN. She was a little pissed off about it but she’s like whatever.

So then her Dad comes home from work on Monday and wants to talk to Mulu. (She has Sundays and Mondays off from work) Mulu’s still a little annoyed with her Dad because he took the Corolla to work. Well, now she’s more than a little annoyed, she’s outright furious with him. It appears, he’s taken a liking to the new Corolla, so the talk he wanted to have with Mulu? Yeah, it was to give her the keys to his mini van and to tell her where all the insurance papers and stuff was inside the car.


Oh gosh, Mulu is STILL so frickin’ pissed off about the whole ordeal but she vows that she’s going to trade in the van against her Dad’s wishes and get her own car. I just think it’s frickin’ hilarious that her Dad wants to floss in the new Corolla, which is such a little girly car while his daughter drives around in the van…


It’s a cute van, Mulu…really, it is. And really, a mini van is the safest car you could drive on the road these days, it’s been tested and proven.

LMAOLMAOLMAO, sorry I just HAD to share that story because it still makes me laugh so hard that my sides hurt.





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