It’s Time Everyone!

23 11 2006



So as soon as I’m done here getting all this paperwork shipped to the East Coast for closeouts, Im on my way to the hospital because Tiffany’s having a baby today.

It’s a thing that my family always does when someone is having a baby. We all go and wait with the Father of the baby in the hospital in the waiting room until the baby is born. We read, we talk, we joke around, we give the Father a hard time, we take turns going in and out of the Mother’s room and we play games, so as always we’re on our way to the hospital to uphold the family tradition…haha.

I was also Tiffany’s call person, she gave me the job three weeks ago and told me that as soon as her water broke and she was on her way to the hospital, she would call me let me know and then I’d be the one to spread the news, so of course, the day she goes into labor would be the day I let my phone die without charging it, so she had to try all three of my phone numbers (cell, work and home) to try to catch me, haha…I’m such a winner!

So I have to finish calling everyone, but I wanted to let you guys know that I’m going to have another niece sometime today…so YAHOO!!!

…and I’m out!




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