One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode Eight.

25 11 2006


Peyton finally takes that extra leap of faith and the show ends with Peyton confessing her true feeling to a stunned Lucas. I’ll say it again, like my friend Ralph always says, “NOW THASS WASSUP!”

Gosh, how long have I been waiting for Peyton to finally say those words. To explain her true feelings for Lucas? Since before Moses built the Ark, or Noah, whoever…I was so damn glad that the truth is finally out there, but Lucas’ reaction to the whole thing didn’t sit well with me, if after all this time, he realizes that he doesn’t want to be with ANYONE, I’m gonna kick his ass. But at least it’s out in the open, yeah chew on THAT one, Lucas…seriously.

I’m so glad that it’s more than obvious to both Lucas and Brooke that whatever was between them is DONEZO, that nothing in the world could save their doomed romance. It was like taking that first breath after you’ve nearly drowned to hear both Brooke and Lucas say out loud what us Leyton fans have known all along.

It’s done.


I’m more than a little anxious to see what’s next for Lucas. If it’s to find himself, to take some time to himself before jumping into something with Peyton, it won’t make me happy but atleast he’ll know. He’ll know how Peyton really feels and he’ll think. And remember. That’s really all I can hope for right now. Don’t let me down, Lucas…seriously.

I’m still thinking that Rick Fox is just about the stupidest person to cast as the bad guy, because he’s just too slimy. Like child molester slimy, not drug dealer/street thug slimy, pedophile slimy…and my sister is smoking some good crack if she can ever think that Rick Fox is a, well, a Fox because he most certainly is NOT a fox…more like a rabid dog. A really ugly one, that’s slimy. Yeah, that’s what he is. YUCK! The whole Rick Fox is a big bad mob guy who is even dirtier than Dan, yeah I’m not buying it…and I will not be happy if they throw the State Championship game for some slimy looking, sick fuck who gets his rocks off by punking frickin’ high school kids. How tough can he be if he’s going after children? I mean seriously, what a fag. I hate him.


What I hate even more is the whole Karen and Dan thing. The whole second chances thing and Karen going on the non date with Dan. How frickin’ retarded is that mess? Karen if you haven’t learned your damn lesson from the first time Dan dicked you, and then all the times he dicked Deb and frickin’ even Nathan? AND EVEN YOUR OWN SON LUCAS? Then you need a stronger prescription then even I have because you are one blind ass motherfucker. Either that or you need McDreamy to perform some major surgery on your brain, if he can even find that sucker, you stupid asshat. Wake up and smell the damn coffee that you make every damn day in your cafe, Dan is bad news…why does everyone remember that but your dumb ass? Seriously…


Peyton and Derek. I really like the relationship that has blossomed between Derek and Peyton. I’m really glad to see Derek caring enough for his “little sister”, how frickin’ cute is that? Not only that he’s around, but that he cares enough to teach her to be strong, to stop being a little pansy and to stop letting bullies like Brooke and the Psycho Stalker Guy run her life. Thank the good Lord for good ol’ Derek. I was sad to see him leave, to see him HAVE to leave even though I knew it was coming. I saw it on the horizon of events that was sure to come, but I still wasn’t prepared for it. I wasn’t prepared to lose him this fast in the season. I hope to all that’s good in this world that Derek comes back. Peyton needs him. She needs him just as much as she needs Lucas in her life.

Please bring him back.

Whitey’s speech made me cry. I’m a sap, I freely admit that but I just think Whitey rocks! That old man is one of the funniest men on this damn show. The show will definitely be a lot bluer without him around. I loved his whole speech about his first love and then his other love, Camilla. Everyone should have a Camilla. Lucas has that in Peyton, I know this, so it’ll be good to see him come to realize it.

The whole Brooke going to Haley to have her give Rachel a second chance and to look beyond the bad stuff to see the good in Rachel made me want to dry heave my way out of all that bullshit. Talk about practice what you preach, the same can be said for her and Peyton and yet it’s okay for her to hate Peyton, but it’s not okay for Haley to hate the woman who tried to steal her husband right out from under her nose. Yeah that’s a justice right there, you stupid slut of a hooker bitch. The more I watch this season, the more I grow to hate that tard of a bitch, Brooke. Choke on a dick, Brooke…seriously.

Gosh, talk about drizama for next week. Haley and the baby, Nathan and the State Championship but no mention of Lucas and Peyton, which is to be expected since the writers of One Tree Hill like to leave us Leytoners hanging like this all the damn frickin’ time. Stupid asshats. I guess, we’ll just have to wait until next week to see what’s in store for all of our favorite characters from Tree Hill.

Bring it…..until next…




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