Happy Monday!

28 11 2006

Hey everyone!

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving weekend? Mine was very relaxing since I didn’t have ONE single kid to watch or take care of and let me tell you that it was just heavenly for this woman who’s been babysitting kids since she was a friggin’ sophomore in high school.

Relaxing weekend? What are those? I haven’t known one of these weekends in so many months that I lapped it all up this time around. I read two books (I know I’m slow but whatever), I wrote a little bit, I watched old movies and I hung out with friends, oh and I also went job hunting with Mulu to look for a second job and guess where we looked? At all the bookstores around my house. LOL. I told Mulu that we should work at a bookstore and she was all for it, so we went and tried to charm the socks off the people that worked at Barnes and Nobles and then Borders…I really want to work at Borders since it’s smaller and our friend from Church, works there.

I really enjoyed the books that I read this weekend too, Varian though he was a cookie cutter tortured hero, still worked for me and man did I freaking love Rachel Gibson’s I’m In No Mood for Love. That book totally rocked my socks, Sebastian was a straight up stud, loved his ass! I totally recommend that book, I loved Clare too…I liked when Sebastian messed her up and the way he teased her all the time, it was so cute. The whole book was a gem. Read it if you haven’t!

Hmmm, was anyone else pissed off that Brothers and Sisters didn’t come on last night? Me and Mulu all rushed home so that we didn’t miss it and frickin’ Boston Legal was on instead. That was SO not the business. I wanted my Justin and Kevin fix last night, I was so looking forward to watching more in the lives of The Walker family. Ugh.

Mommy Tiffany and Baby Aubrey are doing fine as is Daddy Pete, they’re out of the hospital and baby is just as cute as the last time I saw her. Here’s some pictures from this weekend, on Thanksgiving Day of Baby Aubrey and Aunty Dylan!

Here’s Baby Aubrey.

Aunty Dylan and Baby Aubrey on Thanksgiving Day.

What did all of you guys do?




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