One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode Nine.

30 11 2006

Oh My Effing Hell!


The writers of One Tree Hill have REALLY been reading my nasty letters to them because tonight, my heart was made whole because LUCAS LOVES PEYTON! Oh my hell, when Lucas said, “Oh” and then went about his business, I was a little miffed with him but OH GOSH HE GOT IT RIGHT, I knew he had a brain up in there, I knew it…and I’m so frickin’ glad that he used it because LUCAS AND PEYTON ARE BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!


The romantic in me is thrilled to no end because…well, because, LUCAS AND PEYTON ARE FRICKIN’ BACK TOGETHER AGAIN! I broke into song and did my happy dance on my head I was so effing happy! And I’m not laughing either, I tried to do a pirouette in my kitchen and literally fell on the floor because I slipped, my sisters laughter filled every corner of my house, I was THAT happy.

The coming together of Lucas and Peyton was a little anticlimatic, but I have every faith that it’s not done. This is just the beginning of Lucas and Peyton’s journey. I’m so excited over a damn show that I’m STILL smiling because….LUCAS AND PEYTON ARE BACK TOGETHER AGAIN! hehe.



I swear the whole show has come full circle and my OTH heart is stoked!

I knew Nathan wasn’t going to throw the game, I’m just so effing happy that he didn’t, because my heart would have broken for Whitey had he thrown the Championship to save his basketball career and is it just me or is this new side to Dan just totally CREEPING everyone out? I mean seriously, it serves Dan right to go to jail for the blood Nathan’s spilled, because it sort of sets things right, ya know? But come on now…Slimy Rick Fox was dead before Nathan even got to the car, so Nathan couldn’t have killed him. Slimy Rick Fox killed his damn self when he tried to go after a frickin’ HIGH SCHOOL KID, I’ve said it before, how hard can you be if you’re picking on little kids? He deserved his pink slips to Heaven tonight and I’m so glad that I can finally say GOOD RIDDANCE to his ugly ass!

BYE BYE RICK FOX, you got cut from the Lakers and now you’ve been cut from One Tree Hill, it’s been nice, but PEACE!!!!

The whole Karen putting Deb in rehab AGAIN, meh…don’t care, if you don’t care about Nathan then why should we care about you? You stupid hag! Someone needs to tell Deb that no one cares if she kills herself with drugs, she’s a nobody in the show and nobody is sympathetic and oh yeah, NO ONE CARES DEB! So go on, keep doing the drugs, there’s no more storylines for you anyway…

I can’t seem to think about anything else besides the fact that…LUCAS AND PEYTON ARE TOGETHER AGAIN, but I’m going to try really hard.

Okay, Brooke’s acceptance of the whole Lucas and Peyton thing? I was digging it. I liked it. I still think Brooke is a bitch, but she’s the bitch that I know and love. She’s the bitch from Season One and well, it’s nice to see THAT Brooke again. Will she take the key and steal the test to pass her classes? Hmmm, I don’t see how passing ONE test will make it okay for you to graduate again, because when I almost didnt’ graduate, I had to retake a class at the Adult School down the street from my school….but I guess in Tree Hill, if you’re almost not graduation, just take a test and things will go back to being better for you and you’ll be able to walk with your friends.

Yeah right.

I think that Gigi is SO FRICKIN CUTE. Her and Mouth make me smile because they compliment each other and I love watching them together. When she told him at the game that the Ravens were always hot or whatever, I was laughing because she’s cute. Perfect for Mouth.

Skills. A wise, wise friend Skills is. When Lucas is telling him that Peyton told him that she loves him and he waxes on about how Lucas might really love her back because he CHOSE to be there for her, because maybe him being there was his way of realizing that deep down, it’s always been about Peyton for him, I was like, “YES SKILLS YOU TELL HIM!” I heart Skills. Really I do. On and off the court, too!


That was the best flippin’ thing I’ve watched all frickin’ month, it was so good! I think because this is the show that I’ve been watching for the longest that it just never fails to make my palms sweat thirty minutes before the show, waiting anxiously for the thing to start already but gosh, it ALWAYS ALWAYS (yes I typed that out twice) entertains the socks right off of me, well it either does that or brings out other emotions that sparked this post and this post, and well I can’t forget about this post. haha.

But dude, was that NOT the best frickin’ show this week? OF COURSE IT WAS…I wasn’t even this excited when Michael and Lincoln made it out alive and unscathed (for the most part) on Prison Break, I wasn’t even this excited when frickin’ MCSTEAMY came back. By all that’s holy, TONIGHT WAS THE NIGHT DAMMIT!

I couldn’t have asked for a better show, this tops them all to date. My Leyton heart melted when Lucas called Peyton his girlfriend and my hopes soared when he told Haley that he hoped Peyton was his girlfriend, since he hadn’t asked her yet. And then when he kissed her and then when he told her that he’d meet her at her house for hours of more kissing, I was so elated!

But then Dante’ ran over Haley and then Nathan ran after Dante who crashed down the street and started beating him up and then possibly killed him and then Dan came over and told Nathan to run before the cops showed up and then took the blame for Nathan and then the worst thing happened.

Lucas collapsed.

His heart failed him. It all became too much.

And my heart broke all over again because I’ve seen this show. I know how this ends.

Oh gosh.

This is all reminiscent of Season One when Peyton and Lucas FINALLY decide to give their love a shot and to tell Brooke, together, about them, Lucas was going to break up with Brooke so that he could be with Peyton and Peyton was going to be honest with Brooke about her feelings for Lucas.

But then Lucas got into the car accident.

And then Peyton told an unconscious Lucas that she wasn’t going to be around the hospital all that much because it was weird with Brooke around and then she told him, she told him that she’d wait for him, that she’d wait forever if she had too.

And she DID.

She waited forever and now that she finally has him again, he’s right back in the hospital fighting for his life and Peyton is once again, waiting….for him.


Gosh, I love this shit! LMAO…let the journey begin.

Peyton and Lucas’ story is finally being told and this Leyton fan, is more than ready to enjoy the ride, because it means in the end…we’ll finally get our happy ending for my two favorite people on this show…

…Lucas and Peyton.

Until next week…




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