Grey’s Anatomy: Season Three, Episode Ten.

1 12 2006

This show has gotten really tame to me.

I mean, I guess tonight’s show was pretty okay, but it wasn’t like OH GOSH I’VE GOT TO CALL MULU AND GUSH ABOUT IT…It hasn’t been like that in a long time. I wonder why, but one thing that I’m a little excited about is the prospect of, hmmm….McSteamy and Izzy.

Ya’ll know that I love me some McSteamy and I was a little pissed off when I thought that he was going to go after Meredith and steam up her windows, but HE DIDN’T, so YAY! But after tonight’s episode I’m wondering if he’s got his eye on another Intern, in the form of ex model, student loan debt free Izzy. YAY. Though, Izzy still gets on my hot damn nerves, I want someone ELSE to be with McSteamy, so that he can have himself a little fling or two since Addison won’t give him any play…and can I just say it now…


Yeah baby….I called that one, I soo knew that they’d have plans for those two, gosh I cannot wait! I want to see more of Alex and Addison, because did ya’ll see the “moment” between those two? Oh gosh, it was SO cute…and did you guys see Addison when she’s all messed up on the American Music Awards? She’s frickin’ HOT! I’m gonna picture her as all the red headed heroines in my books from now on because she’s romance novel heroine beauty material, love it! But yeah, bring on the Alex and Addy moments…I want more of those!

Moving right along to Burke’s stupid ass and his “doubts” in Derek’s surgical capabilities. Oh I wanted to slap that stupid effer upside his stupid effin’ head. To place the blame on Derek because of his tremors, almost as if he’s blaming Derek for the stupid shit him and Christina pulled to COVER HIS SHAKES made me foam at the mouth I wanted to do this stupid asshole some bodily harm. What a stupid asshat. I know that he’s got to be doubting himself, but for him to try to place the blame on others, others that are supposed to be HIS FRIEND, oh hell no, don’t try to place the blame on Derek because Christina ratted you out.

You make me plucking mad, asshole!

And then the whole Christina thing…oh shut up, you ugly hag! “Stop defending me to them, Meredith” Oh stop your whining you dumbass, that’s what friends do for you though in your case, why do they even bother. But one of these days, Christina…Meredith is going to find that heart of yours, under all those different walls and then where will you be?

I don’t really care about that storyline.

I was cheering Bailey on when she was bitching at the Chief about how Christina and Burke are going to get off scotch free…then when she was there for Derek and telling him how things really were, I was like, “Yeah! You tell him Nazi, you tell him!”

Ugh, I’m still pissed that nothing happened to Burke OR Christina, and if Burke continues to be held in interest for the Chief of Surgery Position, oh hell to the no, I’m gonna be fumin’ pissed. Don’t do it, Chief…don’t do it, make him work for it…he’s got to earn your trust back, ESPECIALLY since he wasn’t the one that came to you about his problem. Christina did, so chew on that one, long and hard before you make him Chief of Surgery…


The whole Siamese Twins thing was kind of weird but I liked how it worked out in the end. I was shocked that the girl was dating one twin and fell for the other. Dude, how weird must it have been to make love to a siamese twin? How weird for her to make love to one, have him fall asleep and then have pillow talk with the other one? Holy Cow, talk about STRANGE! I couldn’t do it, oh gosh I couldn’t do it…

…and what about Meredith’s Mom? I mean on one hand, the woman has that forgetting disease but that doesn’t make it any better for Meredith who is being told that the reason her affair didn’t work out was because she had a daughter, and with Meredith being THE daughter it’s got to suck and when Meredith told her Dad’s Wife that she wasn’t their family and that they weren’t hers, I kind of understood, because though they are, where it matters most, they aren’t. She had to form her own family with the other interns and I thought that was sweet when Meredith told Christina at the end of the show…”Because you’re my family and you’re the only family I’ve got!”

Yay, Meredith! You didn’t piss me off this episode, good for you! And with every show, I love Addison more and more…

So yeah, nothing majorly GREAT about this episode but it didn’t suck either, so yeah…until next week…




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