What Happens In Catalina…

5 12 2006

…stays in Catalina.


This weekend, I went to Santa Catalina for my friend, Ralph’s Company Christmas Party and man was it a good time or what?

But before I get into the Christmas Party, can I just tell you guys how beautiful the view was from the Catalina Express, when Catalina came into view from my perch in my seat on the Catalina Express, I was taken aback at how breathtaking the view was. I don’t know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting a view like that.

You see, The Casino (which really isn’t a casino, but a meeting place which I thought was pretty weird, but hey whatever rocks your socks!) is the building you see at the far end of the picture on the left. That building amongst the other buildings completed a very unique picture in my mind, because it made me feel like I was in a foreign land and not just an hour away from home. It made me think of the Greek Islands and how the houses and buildings there are built up instead of on flat lands (yes I know that on islands you HAVE to build up, but meh, don’t take away from my fantasy of being swept away to Greece, LOL). It was so freaking awesome! We were totally seeing Lena’s family houses from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants minus the donkeys! LOL.

The little shops on the road were reminiscent of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls and I thought it was just so cute how everyone drove around on Golf Carts all day. There were regular cars there but not many.

We arrived in Catalina, around 4 something and we checked in, unloaded our bags and then headed out to catch the rest of the USC vs. UCLA game at a bar down the way called, Luau Larry’s. After a Pago Pago Punch and some crab cakes, I witnessed the fall of the Trojans to the frickin’ bRUINS! So with a heavy heart and an optimistic heart, we went back to relax and swap recipes before the Christmas Party.

We stayed at the Hotel Metropole which was so tiny and yet so eloborate in decoration and service (hehe, Ralph, SHUT UP!). I really enjoyed our stay here at this hotel and hope to go back and visit my bartender, Aaron again since I stood him up Saturday night, oh well. Their Continental Breakfast was on point and held such a variety of breakfast foods and not just the regular stuff that other hotels offer, I’m talkin’ the good stuff. It was such a pretty little hotel, with great food, great water and great fun, hehe =). I was even impressed that we didn’t get shut down AT ALL, we partied until WE were finished and not one second sooner and we were loud, REALLY loud, I thought for sure the cops were going to be coming over to shut us down, but that wasn’t the case at all.

I loved it!

The Christmas Party was held around the corner from our hotel at the Ristorante Villa Portofino and the food was fabulous, they had a large array of appetizers that I sampled too much of because they were oh so tasty, the drinks flowed like crazy since it was an open bar and everyone got to drink as much as they wanted for free! The atmosphere was outstanding, girl it knocked me out, haha…but the decor of the place only added to the appeal of the Christmas party. The servers were aplenty and lookin’ sharp and they were very attentive, our server’s name was Victor and by the end of the night, I was going to move in with him, he was so good to us.

The bartenders names were Eric and Aaron, Aaron was my crush of the night, since he took very good care of me and he even asked me to meet him at some bar named Chi Chi’s so that we can hang out more, I remember very vividly my answer to his request. “I hope that’s the name of some bar because I am NOT showing you my chi chi’s!” haha. I didn’t meet him since we went to keep the party going at Ralph’s Big Boss, Roland’s room and man was it a good time. Lots and lots of good times were had in that hotel suite overlooking the Catalina night. The view from his balcony was amazing and the company was just fantabulous!

Lots of dancing to Sexy Back and Come To Me by Nicole and P Diddy, some singing of Beyonce’ Irreplaceable was done, oh and the workers of Ralph’s lovely Company was treated to a free Samoan Show given by yours truly and my girl, Sara. B Nice, Tupulaga better watch out, because Dylan and Sara’s Show was ON POINT, please look for our show to turn up on You Tube sometime soon…LMAO, I’m so kidding! haha.

I had a fantastic time in Santa Catalina and Ralphy, thanks so much for inviting me to go with you, I’m so excited and will be saving my money for next year’s party in Vegas, because please believe we will be scrappin’ if you don’t invite me to go again…LOL. All of Ralph’s co workers were so much fun to hang out with, they definitely knew how to keep the party going. They were so nice and just lively people, the kind of people that everyone wants to work with. They really let loose this weekend and I was grateful that they took me in and let me into their world for the weekend, it was so much fun.

Some awards that I’m going to hand out right quick hehe…

The Highlight of the Weekend Award? The winner of this award, goes most definitely to DJ Ralphnizzle! When the DJ was trying to shut the party down and DJ Ralphnizzle went up, unplugged the DJ’s Ipod and hooked up his own Ipod to the speakers and then took the mic away from the DJ and was like, “We aint gonna stop, because we got TOO MUCH BOOTY IN THE PANTS!” And took over like he was DJ Scribble, giving shout outs and everything, all the while showing us his too much booty in the pants dance! I LOVED IT! LMAO, Ralph is most definitely one of a kind! LOVE YOU!

Best Dance Move of the Weekend Award? Oh this one definitely goes to Sara, who showed us all how the crip walk is REALLY supposed to be done! YOU GO SARA! LMAO!

Best Camera Man of the Weekend Award? Oh this one goes to Jeff for real, since I have to make nice with him in hopes to sugar him up so that he’ll forget that he promised to put those videos on Youtube…I love you, Jeff…but NO YOUTUBE! and most definitely NO MYSPACE!

Cutest Couple of the Weekend Award? This one goes to Will and Marlene…I’m so happy to have met Marlene and to see Will again, I thought they were just too cute, I had a blast with these two and hope to hang out with them again, soon! Ya’ll rock!

Thanks again to Ralphy for this weekend, I needed it and I’m glad that you made me let my hair down and just have fun….because, the grey goose got Ms Wena feelin’ loose! LMAO…to the left to the left…LMAO.

Until next year….hehe.




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