When is Revenge Taking It Too Far?

7 12 2006

While perusing new blogs that I’ve discovered by clicking on several different links on everyone’s page, I ran across a blog where the blogger is a lady and is receiving random stupid comments from an anonymous commentor. The comments were very random and stupidly sexually explicit.

The commentor would comment on her page saying, stuff like “bend over and take it bitch” or some other stupid lame comment, calling her names and whatever else, I skimmed over the comments she posted on her page. But my question is…

What should she have done with a commentor like that?

Should she have just let it go, deleted the comment and continued on with her business? Or should she have done what she did?

We all have sitemeter or if we don’t use sitemeter we use some other form of stalking whoever is stalking us tools on the web, those websites are our very best friend who tells us who’s on our blogs, what time they’re on our blogs, how long they were on our blog, what pages they were looking at on our blogs and even identity things about just WHO the commentor is or atleast where they’re blogging from.

And most of if not ALL of us, blog hop a lot from work from time to time.

Such was the case with annonymous commentor.

Now, here’s where things get a little interesting. It was more than a little obvious that she was peeved by this but I can’t seem to decide whether she took things a little too far or point and laugh at the annonymous commentor because he got what he deserved.

You see, she took all of the information that our best friend, sitemeter gave her and she made a post about the whole thing, publishing all of his personal information, haha, they say revenge is a bitch and her revenge was frickin’ priceless. She got this sucker good.

But then…she found out where he worked and she pored over the work site and then emailed the big bosses and told them all about what annonymous commentor is doing to her blog on company hours. She told them EVERYTHING and so they informed her that they will look into it and take care of it.

So….did he get fired? Did he get reprimanded? I don’t know, I didn’t read anymore to find out but this whole thing got me thinking? Is all of that still funny? He may be out of a job because he does what we do all the time? We blog hop from work and we comment on everyone’s blog, right? If I said something mean to someone is this how I’ll be repaid? Are they going to rat me out to my boss because I said a few mean words on their blog? Should she have ignored the comments, deleted them or was she justified in doing what she did?

Come on now guys…let’s hear what you’ve got to say on this matter?




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