One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode Ten

8 12 2006

This episode didn’t leave me feeling like HOT DAMN! or anything but it was still enjoyable.

A lot of things made me laugh my ass off, like Keith haunting Dan. LOL. Gosh, it was frickin’ hilarious when he was like, “I forgive you, little brother” but “HELL WON’T” gosh that cracked me the hell up.

What also had me busting a gut laughing was when Keith was telling Lucas that he never left, that he’s always been there with him, me and Blanche (my sister) was like, “Well duh, of course you didn’t leave, you’ve been busy haunting Dan” LOL…I love it!

And hot damn, so now Lucas knows Dan’s dirty little secret…hahah, that’s so frickin the bomb, I wonder what he’s going to do with that knowledge, probably turn Nathan against him (Lucas, not Dan) since Nathan is all in love with his Dad right now.

It was poetic justice if you ask me, seeing Dan behind bars for a crime he didn’t even do. Especially, since I KNOW Nathan didn’t kill Dante. Even Keith knows that Nathan is innocent of killing anyone, if anything I think Dan WANTS Nathan to be guilty of killing Dante so that he can take the blame for it so that he can appease the slither of conscious that he’s got going for him. All this trying to be the “Good” Dan isn’t fooling me and his evil self is just lurking around the corner, ready to pounce on his next enemy.

Which is probably Deb.

Oh well. Moving right along to better things.

Nathan’s guilt makes me feel bad for him because he didn’t deserve that, but then in a way he did because it WAS because of him that all of this happened. But gosh, you gotta do what you gotta do in order to take care of your family and when the help that should have been offered freely to him from his Dad was rejected, he really didn’t have a choice in the matter, which makes the whole Dan thing all the more important, you know the whole Dan taking the blame for it all, because all of the blame for this whole mess really should be placed firmly at Dan’s door. LOL…he turned Nathan away and sent him right up to the Devil’s door. So yeah, Danny boy, MODED! LOL….I just like blaming Dan, it makes me feel good, so yeah…that’s that.

The whole Brooke/Peyton thing is kind of retarded, if you ask me. I mean, are we supposed to believe that the same Brooke that frickin’ HATED Peyton last week, I mean she literally hated Peyton so much that she stooped to insulting her…and I quote,

“Everyone Peyton ever gets closed to always ends up dying”

And what about when she said what she said about Peyton’s 2 dead Moms?

How can you say that about someone you supposedly care for, someone who is supposedly your best friend? Yeah, you were mad at her, but you love that person and yet you can say something as hurtful and as retarded as all that to someone you love? I wouldn’t want someone like that in my corner if I were Peyton. I would never say something hurtful like that to or about Mulu and I know she wouldn’t dare say something like that to me.

The whole Peyton asking Haley to take care of Brooke, was cute…I guess in a corny kind of way, but cute nonetheless but I just, I’m not buying Brooke’s sincerity in asking Lucas to take care of Peyton, nor am I really buying her acceptance of them being together in the first place. Last week, I think I was just too excited that Brooke wasn’t hating Peyton anymore and that Lucas and Peyton were finally back together that I didn’t take the time to think about what it all really meant. It meant that Brooke was not mad anymore.

When the hell did that happen?

I mean seriously? She’s been pissed the hell off at Peyton for how long now? And for her to be all of a sudden over it within a couple of hours? Yeah, I’m not buying that load of crap.

But maybe, she’s over it now because she realizes that it’s moot to be mad about something that was inevitable. And we all know that Lucas and Peyton getting back together was inevitable. And that thought alone just makes me so effing happy.

I really liked that Lucas decided that he wanted to come back and live because he never got the chance to tell Peyton that he loved her. I thought that was extremely sweet and I’m so glad that Keith came back to show him, his worth.

I used to always wonder why Lucas never saw himself the way that others saw him. Everything that has happened to everyone in Tree Hill, is somehow linked to Lucas Scott, the good and the bad. You can’t have the good without the bad sometimes and I’m glad that Lucas finally realizes that.

And dun dun dahhhhhh…..Lucas knows who killed Keith. It wasn’t Jimmy Edwards, it wasn’t his friend, but his FATHER….hahahaha…what are you going to do with that bit of truth, eh Lucas?

Come on, a lot of things are waiting in the balance….and now that you know Dan’s dirty little secret, what are you going to do with that knowledge?

Oh gosh, the mystery of it all is going to drive me crazy since the show’s not coming back next week. But gosh, I cannot wait to see where all of this leads. Because you just know that Lucas just opened a big ass can of worms with finding out the truth.

Ohhhhhhhh, the plot thickens.

Oh yeah, and I’m glad Haley didn’t die and that their baby might be okay. I forgot about them, LOL.

So until the next time (since I can’t say next week) …..




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