6 Weird Things About Me.

9 12 2006

Okay so a couple of days ago, Izzy tagged me to list 6 Weird things about me that ya’ll don’t know, so here’s my attempt at that.

1. I will not eat any kind of white sauce, but my favorite sandwiches are tuna sandwiches. Oh and I can kill a homemade potato salad.

Yeah, I know..isn’t that the most retarded thing you’ve ever heard of? I kid you not, I hate Ranch and can only eat it sparingly in my green salads, I hate Tartar sauce, buttermilk and whatever else sauce is out there, I will not eat a sandwich or a hamburger if it’s got mayo slathered on it, I have to take it out or I start to gag while I’m eating.

2. I refuse to go anywhere by myself.

This is most retarded because I will drive fifteen minutes OUT OF MY WAY to pick Mulu up just so that I can have someone with me when I go to the store, go to the movies, go ANYWHERE, Its not that I’m scared to go by myself, I just hate going anywhere by myself.

3. I will NOT wear pants that come up to my ankles.

And I hate when other people wear tapered pants. It bugs the crap out of me like I can control what others wear. I just hate it.

4. I have to carry at least 2 different books with me whenever I leave my house.

This is weird because I’ll take out things I NEED to take with me so that both of my books will fit into my purse and if I forget to put the books in my purse, I’m all kinds of irritated when I show up at wherever I’m supposed to show up at.

5. When I’m baking, I HAVE to put the oil in at the VERY LAST minute.

Or I’ll start all over. I cannot stand when someone puts oil before they put in the other wet ingredients and use the same measuring cup. After the oil’s been in the cup, I hate the oily, slippery surface inside the measuring cup and even though I can wash the cup myself, it pisses me off and I’ve got to start all over again. Bugs my nieces every damn time, but they’ve learned. LOL.

6. I always laugh at other people when they trip, fall, throw up, or make an ass of themselves.

Even when people get hurt, my instinctive reaction is to laugh. You would think that my initial reaction would be to run over and help them, but nope..I’m horrible, I’ll laugh first and then after I’ve gotten my laugh out will I go over and ask whoever got hurt, made an ass of themselves or threw up if they need help and it’s not uncommon that I’m STILL laughing while I’m offering to help. Horrible, I know, but I can’t help it.

And there you go, 6 weird things about me. Now you know.

I’m tagging: Ralph, B Nice, Jen (Supasta), Reesa, Drake.

Next up is my 6 Favorite Christmas songs…

I like teeny bopper songs, I like Top 40 Hits, I even like Boy Bands and I’m proud of it, I’m not going to hide it, so don’t be surprised that most of my favorite Christmas songs are sung by Boy Bands, Teeny Bopper Princesses and whoever else rocks my socks. LOL.

1. O Holy Night sung by NSYNC.

I frickin’ love this song, I saw them in concert 3 times and the first time I saw them, they sang this song and I just loved it to pieces! It’s been my favorite song since.

2. All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey.

This song rocks my socks, always has now sing it with me…I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need, I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree, I just want you for my own…more than you can ever know, make my wish come true…all I want for Christmas is You… See? Don’t you like it? Good.

3. Silent Night sung by The Temptations.

This song reminds me of my brother, Pete. This is his favorite song and he would always sing it during the holidays around the house. It’s always fun to hear him sing and this song is a good one.

4. My Only Wish This Year by Britney Spears.

This song reminds me of baking Christmas desserts in San Diego with my sister. It’s one of those songs that used to drive all the men crazy but us women loved it. I’ve got good memories to go with this song and the song is pretty catchy…haha.

5. Ua Mafaufau, I don’t remember the name of this song… sung by the Nu’umau Ward Choir.

This is a Samoan song that as a child, I used to listen to my parents sing with our Church Choir, it’s one of those powerful songs that you just love to listen too…I love listening to Zions Voice singing this song, because it reminds me of old school Nu’umau, when Ralph, your Mom used to sing the highest part EVER and *sigh* My Christmas was never complete without hearing this song…it’s just one of those songs.

6. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by NSYNC.

Oh gosh, Hey Tita, remember when we did this song for the Relief Society Closing Social? I’M JUSTIN!!! LOL…dude we even had the dance down pat for this one, oh I love it! We’ve been waiting, all year for this night, and the snow is glistening on the trees outside, and all the stockings are hung by the fireside, waiting for Santa to arrive… HA! I love it!

..and there you. My favorite Christmas songs.

I tag: Ralph, B Nice, Supasta, Reesa and Drake




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