My 5 Most Favorite Cancelled Shows.

12 12 2006

So I totally stole this from Dance Chica, and yes I know that she did this one MONTHS ago, but I’m just now being hip to the game and so I’m deciding to do this now…shoot me why don’t you, sheesh? LOL. I’m a big time TV addict, I know this and so it shouldn’t be a wonder why I want to do this…I dearly miss my cancelled shows, that’s for damn sure.

1. Will and Grace

Okay, I know that technically I shouldn’t miss this show since I watch the reruns of this show practically every night. But gosh, these guys will not make another new Will and Grace episode forEVER and I don’t know how I feel about that because, Just Jack is frickin’ hilarious and then you’ve got Karen Walker who is frickin’ hilarious all on her own and Will and Grace were a good part of the show too, but for me it was all about Jack and Karen. Those two never failed to make me laugh until my sides hurt, like when Jack and Grace go to Jack’s sons dance and then they play his song (Dirty Pop by NSYNC) and he pushes everyone out of the way and starts doing the entire dance routine? And what about when Karen and Jack’s little private handshake? I LOVE IT and I miss watching this on Thursday nights after my #2 favorite cancelled show…

2. Friends

Who doesn’t miss seeing Joey, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler and of course, Ross and Rachel every Thursday night? I mean, this show was frickin’ hilarious. My favorite episode remains the one where they’re watching old videos and then Ross is all embarassed because the video they’re watching is the one where he was going to be Rachel’s Knight in Shining Armor and be her date since stupid Chip stood her up and then he’s all dressed and ready to go and walking down the stairs, only to see Rachel, Monica and their dates (including stupid Chip) running out the door to the dance and then Ross is left there, all desolated on the stairs? Awwwww, so cute! That’s also the one where was it Rachel that asked him, “So what are you going to do this summer?” and he answers, “Oh I don’t know, work on my music?” and he starts playing that song…that 80s song, I don’t know what song it is but I can sing it to ya’ll…LOL. So many funny moments in this show and gosh I miss it something fierce. Why’d they have to take my Friends away from me?

3. Felicity.

I mean seriously? Who DIDN’T love Felicity? I did. I faithfully watched Felicity every week because at first I wanted her to get with Ben because DUH she done followed him so far away from home because she had this massive crush on him, but when Noel came into the picture, I was ALL about Noel and Felicity. I wanted them to be together so bad and even when the show was ending and Felicity was with Ben, I wanted her to end up with Noel. I was a Noel girl all the way and was torn because I really did like Ben too. Ben was such a cutie patootie but it was all about Noel. He was the better one for Felicity and when the evil Hannah (Jennifer Garner) came into the picture and tempted Noel away from Felicity I was so pissed, I wanted to smash her fingers on the damn piano she played so flawlessly, yeah whatever Mulu got you, you aint got nothing on Mulu…ehh. Sometimes I wish this show never got cancelled because this was us our sister show, we always watched this show together and so I’ll always remember this show as Delene bringing the snacks, Helen cleaning up our watching space and me and Blanche (the oldest and the youngest) just coming into the room as Felicity started, ahhhh good times, good times.

4. Related

Damn I miss this show. I thought it was so good, it was such fun to watch this show about 4 sisters that were so different and yet so close. I loved watched them fight and quarrel but get each other’s back then hug and make up while they all cried for the other. I was right there with them, crying and cheering and just acting a damn fool. I was crushed because I wanted to find out what happened between Anne and Danny, because they were my favorite couple. I thought Danny was such a cutie patootie and then I was dying to find out what happened with Ginnie and Bob, if they made it through their difference, if their marriage survived their hard times (I was really hoping they did) and then I wanted to find out what happened with Margie and her romance with what was his name, Jason? And then there was Rose…Rose and Joel. Gosh I was so rootin’ Joel on, and then when Rose chose stupid Alex over him and then Joel got his own girl and forgot about Rose, ooohhh the drama…I loved it! Gosh I miss this show!

5. Summerland

This was the one show that came on during the summer nights when all of our other favorite shows were on hiatus and man I was wrapped up in Ava’s whole world of fashion, family and partnership drama. I loved watching this show and I miss it a whole lot. I miss hottie Johnny and Ava covering their feelings for each other, I miss Jay and his stupidness always ruining his relationship with Ericka and I miss the black lady, I forget what her name was on here, but I missed her. She was really kick ass, and man her love interest, that Dylan guy, man he was hot stuff! I miss Nikki and Cameron…remember Cameron, who later became hella famous for his role as Troy Bolton in Disney’s High School Musical? This was my feel good show on Monday nights before they booted the show after just the second season.

Alright, there are my favorite cancelled shows, what are yours?




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