What I’ve Been Up To…

13 12 2006

I want to go to Beta, like NOW.

I’ve been wanting to change for like EVER, at first I wasn’t excited about it because I couldn’t figure out how the labels out and put them where I wanted to but now that I have that all figured out, I want to switch now and it’s been twice as irritating for me because I have that stupid invitation to switch over to beta and yet I can’t do it because a stupid error keeps coming up telling me that they cannot switch me over right now because of some lame reason that I didn’t even bother to read since it didn’t get me what I wanted…which is to switch to beta.

So for the past couple of days, I’ve been moving my damn self over there. LOL. I’m just so impatient with it all, now that I’ve figured it out, I want to hurry up and just get on with it already, which means that I’m losing all of my comments, but that’s okay…I also changed the link of my beta blog, but I only did that until I delete this regular blogger blog, then I was going to switch the other blog over to eggsbenedict.blogspot.com, since that’s what everyone knows me by, but people have found me over at the new blog link, coffeehousebanter.blogspot.com, LOL…how cool is that? HA!

So this is what I’ll be doing until I’m done switching over, then I’ll just delete this blog and post only on the beta blogger, just wanted to let you guys know where I’m at…

Now quick question to all of my faithful readers, should I keep the new link or the old link? I only ask because some of you guys have already found me on the beta blogger and are commenting on that one, so I just wanted to know, which link would you prefer I use?




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