Our Sexy Back Christmas Dinner!

22 12 2006

So last night was the start of something really special between my little circle of friends. We had us a little Christmas Dinner at the Olive Garden where we tore up some serious breadsticks with alfredo sauce. I had a fantabulous time getting to know the newbies to our little circle (Will and Lance) and catching up with the others in my circle whom I haven’t seen and hung out since Catalina…hmmm, what’s up with that Ralph? haha. I thought our gift exchange went really well and it was good to see that everyone got nice stuff. I totally got spoiled with my $50 gift certificate to my Heaven on Earth, Barnes and Nobles. There’s nothing this book lover likes more than getting money to buy…books! *sigh* hehe. Thanks Theresa!

With the conversation floating from one side of our table to the other and the hottie waiters (that of course wasn’t OUR waiter) drifting to and fro and not to mention the breadsticks that were flowing like crazy, I have got to say that we had one winner of a night. The food was great (was it really, Will? Be honest! haha) and the company was even greater (I told you guys last night but I’ll say it again, you guys are welcome you guys got to hang out with me! LOL) and everyone looked great. B Nice sweets, let me know when you spend all that money that Lance gave you last night because I’m you’re best friend, remember? LOL…Ralph, Mr. Dragon, have fun on your trip to the Bay and tell your Mom and Dad that I said HI, okay? Oh and Rina too. Tita Boom, stop being such a hot damn stranger, alright? Gosh, I know that you’re a busy woman with all of your mens, but gosh squeeze me in sometime, kay kay kay? Ia ia ia faaaaa…LOL. Lance, it was a pleasure hanging out with you and I hope that we get to do it again, sometime soon, alright? You go with your volleyball knowledge! I heard you…oh and good luck in San Jo, I’m so going to try my darndest to come out there to be you guys cheerleader with B Nizzle, alright? Will, you have an interesting name Will…I love it! That’s my favorite movie, well one of them but still…I’m so glad that you came out and hung out with us, now that you’re apart of us, you gotta bring my girl Marlene around more often, alright? And I can’t forget about Ms. I know she’s not going to read this but I’ll still hook her up with a shout out anyway, Mulizzle…thanks for being my personal shopper last night, you so rock my socks! I’m not mad that you got caught making fun of the cutie waiter, it’s all good in the hood, oh and thanks for just everything.

We totally have to do this again guys, seriously…Ralph you better take care of us! So because I know that I only took 3 pictures last night, LOL…I’ll share those with you but Ralph can you send me the pics you took last night on your brand spankin’ new digital camera, you lucky tramp! haha.

The Boys.

Me and B Nice.

Me and the best friend, Mulu.





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