I Need To Vent!

28 12 2006

So back in September, our company bought out a small business company and we’re in the process of merging both companies into one big, gigantic powerhouse company. All of the small business people moved into our building and a lot of our people moved to different parts of the building. Our AR department got moved downstairs as did our HR department, some of our direct businessmen got shipped to the next building and this is all in the hopes that we’d stop being two different companies and start being one company, united. We’re supposed to be this great big happy family, right?


I’ve heard nothing but complaints from people in our company about how rude and disrespectful their people are and their people don’t smile and say anything to our people when we cross paths in the hallway.

Let’s just say that the happy merge the higher uppers were hoping for is just not going to happen…not anytime soon anyway.

Now me, personally I say hi to everyone in the hallway, whether you’re from their company or ours, I’ll say hi to you because you guys brought donuts for us to eat last week and man, NO ONE has done that here in such a long time…myself included. LOL. Now, my friends have all had their complaints about this stupid shit from this department and that stupid shit from that department but I’ve always been the one that said, “Well, she was nice to me.”

Not today.

Okay, I’m the Contracts Department Admin and the department fax machine is in my office. When faxes come in, I usually just run them over to whoever it belongs to, since its just down the hall. I don’t have to do it, but I do because I’m nice like that. Now, if the owner of the fax is on the phone, I’ll quietly hand them the fax and they’ll take it, mouth a “thank you” and I’ll be on my merry way. I don’t try to converse with them while they’re on the phone, but I don’t ever use the Inbox outside my boss’ office, mainly because some of the stuff that gets faxed to them (both of my bosses, the boss and then my boss boss) shouldn’t be left around for just anyone to walk by and grab. They get mods for different contracts faxed to them, or memo’s from clients and well, they’ve always just said to hand it to them, so I do.

Well this new chick, we’ll call her Hoecakes from the small business company we bought out works in our building now, she works in the Contracts Department so I support her now as well. I’ve been told time and time again that she’s a bitch but I never believed it because she was always civil to me, she was never rude or disrepectful until today.

So Hoecakes gets a fax today and I walk it over to her office. When I get there, she’s on the phone so I’m trying to just hand it to her and leave but she won’t even acknowledge me. So I look for someplace to just set it down where she can see it, but her desk is littered with errant papers and there’s a folder holder on top of her desk like the one shown to the right.
While still on the phone, she points to that stupid folder holder. Does she want me to put it there? If I do, the papers are going to fall off, I mean, the thing is not level, there’s no way that it’ll stay right? So I try to just hand it to her and she then points to her door, so now I’m just thinking, “Would you just grab this shit and let me leave already?” So there I am, trying to just set the fax down when she sighs all loud like and says into the phone, “Can you hold on, Bob?”

She pierces me with this withering look that reminded me of the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz and then she points to her door and says, “There’s a box hanging outside my door called an Inbox, why don’t you try using that sometime?”

What the eff?

I could only stand there and gape at her because I was blown away that she would talk to me that way. Now, I don’t know if that’s what they used back at her small business but that’s not how we do things here in the Contracts Department at OUR company, she don’t work for her company anymore, she works for OURS, so bitch you gotta do things OUR WAY…oh and before I could reply she snatches the fax out of my hands and barks out, “Just give it to me and get out”


Did I say anything mean to her? Oh hell no.. Am I going to forget this little thing? You bet your bottom dollar that I won’t be forgetting this anytime soon and she wants to see bitch? I’ll show her bitch…

Stupid bitch.




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