Movie Review: Clerks II.

28 12 2006

Starring: Brian Christopher O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Rosario Dawson, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Trevor Ferhman.
Running Time: 98 minutes.
Rating: R
Grade: C

Ten years ago best friends Dante Hicks and Randal Graves were New Jersey mini-mall clerks still slacking off together in their early 20s. Now working in the fast-food universe, Dante and Randal have managed to maintain, and even hone, their in-your-face attitudes, agile skill with vulgarities and unbridled love of screwing the customers. But they’re also faced with such shocking prospects as marriage, leaving Jersey and finding real careers. Dante and Randal invade the world of Mooby’s fast food restaurant, where the slogan is “I’m Eating It.” Behind the counter, where the only other employees are an uber-nerd and an entirely too sexy manager, Dante and Randal are free to offend anybody and everybody who so much as orders fries in their inimitably irreverent way. But, even as riotous debates rage between them over such burning matters as George Lucas v. Peter Jackson v. Jesus, change is on the horizon. When Dante announces that he’s going to leave Jersey forever and marry Emma Bunting, Randal plots a going-away party so shocking it will draw the police, the fire department and potential protests from PETA, while altering their lives forever.

Okay I wasn’t expecting to like this movie all that much because I didn’t see the first Clerks, but my brother wanted to watch this movie so I decided, why not? I’m glad I watched it because it was one of those silly, funny movies that had you laughing from the beginning to the end.

Elias was friggin’ hilarious! I loved that weirdo nut job! When Marshall from Alias started arguing and then threatening to kick Randal’s ass because of the things he was saying about Frodo and Sam (which I totally agree with and love the movie anyway), I couldn’t stop laughing. But when Elias showed his LOTR Ring that was hanging around his neck, holy hell I was rollin’…

But my favorite characters of this movie was frickin’ Jay and Silent Bob. Jay mostly, when Bob plays his song and Jay say, “Ohh” and then proceeds to put chapstick on all the while he’s singing provacatively, “Do you to f**k Me? Cause I’d wanna f**k me!” Oh my hell, HILARIOUS! And don’t even get me started when Emma and Dante come out of Mooby’s and Jay is bare ass naked with his junk tucked underneath and he’s looking up with his trench coat open, dude I almost peed in my pants it was so funny…

Would I recommend this movie? If you’re up for some really retarded comedy, then yeah put this one in and sit back and watch for some good laughs, some stupid dialogue and just to laugh at stupid guys…I enjoyed it!




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