One Tree Hill was A Rerun.

29 12 2006

…but I still watched it.

You see, it was the episode where Nathan tries to throw the Championship game and then Haley finds out she’s having a baby boy and Brooke turns into Bitchy Brooke to Peyton and…Lucas realizes he loves Peyton.


Mulu missed it the first time it aired so I called her to make sure she watched it and she did. But having seen the show again, little things started to stand out more for me. The biggest one though is Karen’s pregnancy.

On the way to the game, Deb tells Karen that it’s really funny how Keith was there for Dan’s baby and now, Dan is going to be there for Keith’s baby. Now, really…think about this for a bit. Karen Roe has a baby, Lucas Scott by Dan Scott and is now pregnant with Dan’s brother Keith Scott’s baby, making her pregnant with Dan’s nephew and Lucas’ brother or sister/cousin.


Why the hell did I ever want Karen to be with Keith? That’s some nasty shit…Karen needs to go back to New Zealand, find Andy and bring him back so that he can raise Karen’s baby and what’s really going on with Karen, is she EVER going to have a baby in wedlock? Both of her kids were conceived when she wasn’t married and she gets mad at Lucas for having sex? I mean, come on now…it’s not like he’s got any good role models to model his sex life after.

Anyway, the other thing I noticed and actually remember is #13 who plays for The Ravens is one hot guy! I missed him last time around but this time, I was all eyes for him.

Last night, I also watched Friday Night Lights and I really like that show, I’m thinking that I’m going to catch up on that show before it comes back on from the hiatus, because seriously…it was really good last night. Also, I have to remember to check out Rome before that comes back sometime in January, cause I promised my friend from work that I’d peep it out because her and the hottie gay guy that we work with told me to watch it…the hottie gay guy thinks I’m cute, Awwww…what a waste! Ugh.

Hmm, that seems to be all that my mind is capable of throwing out to you guys, so yeah…I’m done.

Peace out…oh and I’m not at work today because I’m still sick but I’ll be back tomorrow. So be gentle with my work email guys (Holly, Grace, Izzy, Jazz and Daphne.) Ames, I’m gonna call you and bug you at work, haha. So you can hear how horrible I sound right now.

Peace out guys, I’m getting kicked off the computer because Brenna wants to play Disney Channel.





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