This Is The Way It’s Really Going Down..

11 01 2007 this how we say goodbye? haha.

Gosh, last night’s show was off the hook. Mere words can’t explain how awesome a performer, Justin Timberlake is. He performed for over 2 hours and his show felt like it just kept going and going in a very good and happy way. I had a blast, I was seated up in the stands so I was nowhere near the stage but I didn’t feel very far away from him. The stage was set up so that he could have access to all the fans. And he totally used up the stage. He played different instruments, danced his socks off all while lookin’ pimp in his three piece suit.

I’m telling you, that boy is something else.

I was hella lovin’ it when he got up on stage and you know at the beginning when they tease you with him and all that junk? My heart was pounding with exitement like he was coming to perform just for me.

I thought I saw Trent from Pink is the New Blog but now that I think about it, probably it wasn’t him…I’m thinking it was wishful thinking but I know that he was there last night. Oh well, not that I could have gotten anywhere near him being that I saw him from afar but whatever, it was still a fantabulous time and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Holly for making it possible for me to go.

I didn’t get a chance to go and dazzle Justin with my sparkling personality and witty conversation because I had tired myself out by the end of the concert but dude, ya’ll have to see this one in concert because he is all kinds of the bomb.

If you’re planning to go and see the concert which I know some of you guys are, I won’t ruin the show for you but I will tell you that I don’t think you guys will be disappointed because Justin got dizown last night. I love this show more than the Nsync shows that I went to, this one is more for my grown up heart and man he totally got off.

Since I didn’t take a camera (whats new, eh?) Ya’ll will just have to go and check out the pictures roaming the internet, there’s plenty of them, trust me. But seriously, I’m in JT heaven right now…he most definitely brought sexy back last night in Anaheim.


Oh and real quick…Charmed One Tree Hill doesn’t come back with new episodes until next week, the 17th, so YAY, OUR SHOW IS COMING BACK, ONE MORE WEEK GUYS!




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