Grey’s Anatomy: Season Three, Episode Eleven.

13 01 2007

So finally our favorite Interns and Doctors from Seattle Grace Hospital are back with brand new episodes for us to swoon over. How did the writers do?

Well enough.

I thought it was a cute episode last night. I didn’t want to pummel anyone to the floor which is weird since I usually do. But I liked the whole show. Oh, I know who I wanted to pummel.


She’s always been the person to get on my hot damn nerves when she was being a bitch to everyone and their Mom about anything and everything. The whole I’m mad at Meredith for helping Alex with his tests and then the whole, “Cause it’s what Jesus was freakin’ do,” when she went to help Alex, it was all just a bit MEH for me, she irritates me and she did irritate me when she was at the bank trying to deposit Denny’s check. I admit it, I laughed because she’s not very pretty when she cries and if anything is right in this show, it’s that Izzy is the pretty intern. She wasn’t so pretty last night, crying over the inheritance that Denny left her. Am I dense or something? Why is depositing the check so heartbreaking for her? Is it because it’s the last thing that Denny left for her? Is it because she doesn’t need it? Is it because it’s the only thing of Denny’s that she has left?

What is it? Someone please fill me in because that was the only part of the show last night that I just rolled my eyes over.

The rest of the show was great.

Meredith’s snoring and Derek’s sleeping everywhere but with her? LOL! I loved it. I’m glad that they’re not fighting or rethinking their relationship because I like that they’re getting to do the couple things that they missed out on before Addison. I like seeing this side of Derek, the happy side. I love that man.

George’s Dad. Whoa dang. I wonder how all of this is going to pan out for George. I mean, this is HIS Dad. I wonder if he’s going to be break down or if he’s going to become a workaholic, curioiuser and curiouser. It’s kind of good to see him and Callie, I don’t know..bonding I guess. When she tried to use the stare on George, I was laughing. She’s pretty when she’s not standing next to George, because when she’s standing next to George, she overwhelms him. I’m not a big fan of men who have to look up to their girlfriends and that’s what George has to do so yeah let’s find him a woman his own size, why don’t we? But keep Callie, I want to see Callie with someone who can handle her that’s NOT McSteamy.

Speaking of McSteamy, did him and Addison almost have a baby? Did she get RID of McSteamy’s child? Holy crap in the pants, NO WONDER he followed her over here to Seattle. No wonder he’s so hung up on her. He’s hurt. He’s not the big bad boy we all think he is, he’s a man who is suffering from not only unrequited love but from the loss of a baby. From what I heard on next week’s previews, she didnt want to have HIS baby?


That’s got to hurt. Poor Mark.

And the whole Christina and Burke thing….meh, that’s how I feel about it. Will someone say Uncle already?

Alex and Addison.

*gasping with delight* I’m so happy that they’re going to explore this avenue of happiness for Alex because he needs someone and so does Addison. I’m glad that they could be with each other because though many people may not be happy about it, I’m exstatic! I’m so effing happy that Alex will have someone all the while Izzy has NO ONE because she rejected him. I want her to see what she’s missing out on and the same thing with Addison though. I want Mark to find someone on the show to be with and be semi happy with so that Addison can get jealous and feel what he feels now.

And then I want them all to find their ways back to each other.


This is a great show. I felt bad for Bailey because I knew she didn’t want to lie or withold any information about George’s father’s operation from him, but she has too. I’m glad that she’s pissed to high heaven at the Chief for making her lie to her intern. I wonder if Meredith will tell. Maybe she will because George gets pissed at someone, I’m thinking maybe it’s the Chief.

Can’t wait until next week.




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