One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode Eleven.

18 01 2007


I’m still trying to figure out if I really, really liked this episode or if I just thought it was, good

It was cute. I’ll give it that but there was just a whole lot of the show that had me rolling my eyes. I mean seriously…Slutty Brooke Davis turned Clean Team Virgin? *rolls eyes* Even if they only joined to get away from suspicion with the Principal, it’s still really stupid. Just as stupid as one test boosting Brooke’s grade point average to make it that she will be able to graduate with her class. *rolls eyes again*

Stupid, stupid.

Something else that was stupid? Deb trying to break out of a voluntary rehab. Deb’s whole storyline is just frickin’ RETARDED. Her drug problem? Stupid. Her running to Nathan’s house to look through his medicine cabinet for the drugs he took from her? STUPID STUPID, everytime Deb came into view on the tv screen, I kept singing that song in my head, “Go stupid, go dumb dumb!” Because you can’t get any dumber than Deb Scott. *rolls eyes yet again*

Oh something ELSE that is stupid? Karen seeing someone she used to know in Dan Scott. LMAO…that’s so stupid and corny it made me laugh with utter delight how absurd and STUPID (the word of the night, I tell ya) Karen is if she really sees what Dan wants her to see. If she can’t see PASSED what he’s dishing out to her, she’s setting herself up for a mighty fall…and oh how the mighty will fall, keep that in mind Karen because seriously, you asshat, stop and smell the damn coffee…you were just in love with his brother, find another family to molest…sheesh.

What I liked about the show?

I liked seeing Nathan come clean about the accident and just EVERYTHING with Haley…what I liked the most about this episode (well one of the things I liked most about this ep) was Nathan’s speech about how he was NOT sorry for beating Duante’ up because he hurt Haley and he (Nathan) will not stand by and watch someone hurt Haley, he will turn back into dickhead Nathan if someone dared to hurt the people he loves…I thought it was so cute, awww Nathan I knew she was going to go back to you, you guys belong together like Gavin Degraw likes to sing about, let’s just hope that you and Haley don’t suffer the same way that Tristan and Isolde did in the movie.


I love this stuff.

My favorite part of this episode was seeing Leyton back together again. Seeing Peyton’s vulnerability where Lucas was concerned, to see that she still holds to her motto, “They always leave” and seeing Lucas set her straight on that, seeing his profess his love for her just made me all tingly inside. It’s as it should be on the show. I’m so stoked to see that they’re getting their shot, things can only get more interesting from here on out because, they’ve got so much to go through with each other…I still don’t think we’ve seen the last of Dirty Derek and I really think that Peyton will be by Lucas’ side when he finds out that it was Dan who killed Keith. So, plenty plenty things still to come from these two and I for one, cannot effing wait to see their journey unfold before us.

Gigi and Mouth…awww, poor Mouth. Even the girls he has a chance with don’t want to be with him. Can Mouth catch a frickin’ break already, gosh! Even geeks (like me) deserve to be happy with someone they love. I really think that Mouth was starting to develop lasting feelings for Gigi, too bad she cut him off real quick. What’s next for Mouth?

And for goodness sake already, will whoever knows that Dan killed Keith please stand up, please stand up, will the real slim shady please stand up and show themselves to the class so that we can finally know who the hell saw Dan kill Keith? The suspense is enough to drive me right up the damn honkin’ wall.

Put me out of my misery already, GOSH!

Next week promises to be a good one, Nathan? Strippin? Show me the way….

..until next week.




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