Grey’s Anatomy: Season Three, Episode 12

20 01 2007

Yeah I wasn’t too impressed with last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t know why, it was an okay show but I just couldn’t really concentrate on it with everything going on at my house and well, a really good show would have captivated me so much that I would have been glued to the TV but it wasn’t the case with Grey’s last night.

George’s father dying because they pulled the plug…that was sad but it didn’t make me all weepy or anything, I was just, well, I felt bad for George and his family but dude, his brother started farting in the hall..what the??? I didn’t find that funny, just rather stupid and well, so like George’s brothers. So yeah, I wasn’t overly emotional about it, I just though, “Awww poor George” and then I was over it.

Izzy, she’s just blah to me now, so I don’t really have much to say about her.

Meredith and Derek’s snoring problem? It was funny last week, this week, it was like, get over it already. But then it was cute again when Meredith talked about her snoring problem with her Dad and he tells her that ear plugs work, I smiled when Derek comes to bed and sees the ear plugs but then I got over that too.

Mark and Addison. I’m not sure if I want them together anymore, I mean, I like Addison, she’s come a long way in my book because I could not stand her when she first came to Seattle and then when she tells Mark that he would have been a terrible father, I felt bad for him because nobody knows how he would have been with the child but whatever…I’m just so blah about these two together now that Addison’s got Alex. Do I want Addison and Alex to end up together permenantly? Oh hell to the no, I just like them for right now but even last night I couldn’t drum up enough enthusiasm when they finally kissed.

Am I losing interest in the show that I used to absolutely LOVE? I hope not but it sure seems like it.


What did YOU GUYS think of last night’s Grey’s Anatomy?




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