Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Fourteen.

24 01 2007


They were so close and then friggin’ Meredith Grey’s Stupid Dad had to friggin’ shoot his brains out, leaving them NOWHERE and with a John Doe.


Man, was it the perfect way to come back or what? Gosh I love this show. It was so good to see hottie Michael Scofield again after all these weeks. YAY! But, dude…so much to talk about from last night’s ep.

Michael and Lincoln and frickin’ Kellerman…were so close to getting the upper hand on all of this when stupid asshat Terrence blows himself away. Do you guys think we can trust Kellerman, though? I mean, what’s really going on with all of that? There’s so much going on, on the surface not to mention the million things going on UNDER the surface that it’s really hard to figure out who’s the good guys and who are the bad guys. Give us simple girls a break here, why don’t ya!

And when does Sara come back so that she can kiss Michael? Come on now…

As for C Note, can’t say that I particularly care about his situation though I do feel bad for his wife, going to jail for his stupid ass and now he’s got to continue running with his daughter and no wife…MODED!

T Bag, holy wow this guy is frickin’ nuts. If I was home girl, I’d be demented with fear by now, she should just kill herself and her kids and be done with it, because I can just imagine the vile crap that T Bag’s got in store for them and am I the only one who is STILL pissed that T Bag’s got all of the money? Oh gosh, that just chaps my hide, I hate that man!

Hmmm, what else is there? Mahone…holy hot damn, his poor family and why is he still fighting for the bad guys? He needs to wise up and realize that they’ll never leave him alone, they’re like Dante from One Tree Hill, you do one thing for them and they just keep coming back because the debt will never be paid…Mahone, seriously…start fighting back, I’m glad that he finally realizes this and that next week, he will finally be growing the spine God gave him and will finally be frickin’ fighting back and going after the one person who is the cause of all of this…the friggin’ President.

And who laughed their butts off at Bellick? BRRAAADDDDLLLLEEYYYYY! LMAO…ooh I can’t wait to see that storyline unfold and see what they have in store for his stupid, I can’t stand him and hope they cut his toes off one by one and feed his corpses to wolves self!

Ooh, next week is going to be off the hook!




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