One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode Twelve.

25 01 2007

This week’s show gets a great big AWWWW from me! I thought it was such a cutie little show to have. Things are good right now, they’re as it should be but we all know that it’s not going to last, things are going to get hectic, things are going to get crazy and I’m going to be one very happy fan!

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Peyton and Lucas: So cute! It’s so good to see these two just being happy with one another because it’s seriously been a long time coming and I know that things between this two will only be tested as we progress in the show because there are so many things that were just left open, mainly speaking, the whole Fake Derek storyline…he’s on the loose and I knew from the jump that we haven’t seen the last of him, next week he makes an appearance again and gosh I’m just so frickin’ amped to see that whole show down again, but let’s just hope that for Peyton’s sake, Lucas doesn’t get tazered again before he can save her because seriously…if he gets tazered again, his heart is seriously going to shut down on him, no matter what the writers think! And on the flip side, let’s hope that Peyton has practiced her screaming and still looking pretty face because the last time around, it wasn’t…pretty. So keep your fingers crossed for these two, next week is all about them! You know what would really chap my hide? If they redid the whole best friend falling for each other storyling with these two but reversed it so that it was Peyton getting dicked again. UGHHHH, but hey, let’s not borrow trouble or anything, so let me just shut up on that tip.

Nathan and Haley: These two are a big reason why I still watch and love this show! Gosh the turnaround in Nathan from big bad jerk dick face to this Prince Charming in a perfect world husband is so becoming of Nathan Scott, I totally love all of this, I want to make Haley happy because she makes me utterly happy business, the things these two get themselves into (mainly Nathan) is just so effing sweet and cute, it makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside and makes my heart sigh, it’s the stuff of great romance, I just love me some Nathan Scott, so much so that I’m making him Eye Candy Friday Man, to hell with him being young! He’s over 18! LOL…okay just barely but I don’t care, I love me some Nathan Scott!

Brooke and Stephen from Laguna Beach: Wow, to go from playing the playboy and juggle two girls in real life to being the sweetest and cutest, albeit corniest guy in Tree Hill, I like this for Brooke…Chase is good for her but nothing good can become of the whole Chase/Brooke thing, because it started off on the wrong foot…it started off with Brooke lying to him, lying to him about how good she is in Calculus and then the whole bet thing with Rachel, Brooke you just ruined what could potentially be something GREAT because of your boneheadedness, haven’t you learned a hot damn thing? And then the whole, test missing thing…is Rachel going to take the rap for you or is she going to dime you out? Ohhhh, I wonder, I wonder…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see and seriously, would you really LET HER take the blame for something YOU DID?

Karen and Dickhead Dan: It’s only going to be a matter of time before Lucas figures out that it was indeed Dan that killed Keith and the little love fest that Dan has been sliding in on Karen, so it’s only a matter of time before the wool is yanked right out of of Karen’s eyes and she sees Dan for the monster he really is, oh gosh I can’t wait to see it all go down…hehe, because you know for damn sure, it’s going down.

Deb: Ding dong, the witch is dead? Or is she just stoned again? LMAO!

The Stripping: Okay, can Skills make me laugh anymore than he did tonight? I mean, Nathan’s dancing was horrible and still I love him, which is a shocker to me because I’ve broken up with guys because they couldn’t dance and for me to be okay with Nathan’s uncoordinated ass getting his little groove on up on that stage made him oh so cuter to me! But Skills? Oh my hell that guy seriously had me rollin’ I mean, “Mama came to see me dance?” Oh hell to the no, this guy is a crackhead…and his little robot dance? LMAO! I love it! Mouth can get down for a white boy, he’s so cute…and do I see a maybe new love interest for Mouth in the Clean Team Captain?

Hehe, I can’t wait to see…Alright, so seriously next week couldn’t get here any sooner, please dear writers of One Tree Hill, bring on the creepy stalker guys…;)




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