That Two Bit Dirty Skank.

27 01 2007

The night before last night, Mini Me asked me if I could help her catch the interest of the boy of her affection by baking four small cakes, one for each of her friends and then one for, Brandon. So I say, “Sure.” It was one of her best friend’s birthdays yesterday and she wanted to bake her a cutesy little heart shaped cake and take it to school for her but she also wanted to make a cake for the best friend that I can’t stand and the boy she loves so we made 5 mini cakes for her and her friends and her favorite teacher, Mr. Fowler because he agreed to hold her cakes in his office until she was ready to eat them.

She had planned to give the cake to Brandon with an invitation to the movies with her and her friends which she got the okay from her parents, as long as there were other people going and she was honest about it, so her Mom said, go ahead and invite Brandon to come to the movies with us this weekend and Chelsea was exstatic, she has had a big time crush on Brandon since the beginning of the school year and it’s all I hear about. Her friends Stephanie and skank hoe Kortni were excited for her to ask Brandon.

But when Chelsea got to school, she found her best friend Kortni (the non birthday best friend) wrapped around the object of her affection. Miffed and a lot annoyed, she carried her cakes and took them to her teacher’s office for safe keeping, already planning to give Kortney’s cake away.

When lunchtime came around, she observed her “best friend” flirting with her “almost man” and it broke her heart, but at the time, she was more pissed than mad so she was really bitchy to Kortni and took comfort in the fact that Brandon didn’t seem too impressed with Kortni and her flirting.

But the whopper of a back slap came when it was time to take Brandon his cake. They had just finished singing Happy Birthday to Stephanie and Stephanie was urging Chelsea to go and take Brandon the cake and invite him over to the movies with them, when Kortni told her that she’d ask him to the movies for Chelsea and Chelsea vehemently refused, saying she could do it herself, but then Brandon walked over to their little circle on the grass. Brandon was then accosted by Chelsea’s stupid tramp of a friend, Kortni and she did the unthinkable.

She asked Brandon to go to the movies with her.


She took Kortni’s cake and gave it to her best guy friend, Nakoa and called Kortni a stupid whore and then stalked off because she couldn’t believe the nerve of the stupid hoecake.

This has been her best friend since elementary school, why is she doing this? Chelsea called me yesterday on her way home from school and was telling me what happened and how mad she was and then got so mad at herself because she was crying. She never got to give Brandon his cake, she never got to ask him to the movies and she doesn’t know what Brandon said to Kortni’s invitation.

She’s all heart broken and I feel so bad for my little pretty niece…isn’t she pretty? Brandon has got to be on crack if he chooses Kortni over Chelsea.

My poor niece…have you guys had any friends that have done something shady like this and pretended like they didn’t know that you liked said boy or whatever and of course, I’m talking about when you were in school because if you’re still having these problems, then something is seriously wrong sweets…LOL.




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