Prison Break: Season Two, Episode 15.

31 01 2007

I hate that I don’t know if I can trust Kellerman or not. I’m so antsy for them (Michael and Linc) to find Sara and get all of the secrecy out in the open and for them to put the President on blast already. I mean seriously, the President NEEDS to be put on blast in front of the entire nation, everyone in the United States (well, they’re United States) needs to know what the President did to get the Presidency…she wasn’t voted into the President’s slot, she tricked and killed her way there and who wants someone like that leading our country?


I can’t wait until Michael and Lincoln start going after them…with Michael’s brain, they really can accomplish anything.

So I’ve got to ask…do you guys think that Kellerman is on Mike and Linc’s side or is this all one great big set up to capture Linc and Michael? And…Sara, can’t forget about Sara. She’s the missing link in all of this.

And that’s what I can’t wait for.

I thought Michael’s message was so sweet to her…I was too busy pining away at what he said to her that I totally missed the whole messasge thing for her. Good thing he was telling Sara and not me cause I would have just been waiting in my hotel room for Michael to find me so we can run away to Panama with each other….hehe.

So I heard through the grapevine that Sara is pregnant in real life and that they were thinking of writing that into the script…so, they’re going to be on the run and Sara’s going to be pregnant with Michael’s baby?


I’m starting to hate Mahone, more and more…but why do I have a feeling that Mahone is in the end, going to be helping Michael and Linc and not Kellerman. What if Mahone and Kellerman have their own agenda??? What if they’re working together to take the President down?

Huh, huh?

Too many possibilities, too many plots to sort through, I love it!

And then what about Haywire with home girl from that one show that got cancelled? I thought that was sweet of him, wanting to help her out because he knew that she gets beat…is that what made him all crazy the way he is? Was he abused as a child and went insane and now helps those that are picked on? I think he thought he was doing the girl a favor by killing her Dad but dude….he’s crazy, he doesn’t know any better….or does he?


Gosh, next week can’t get here any sooner…seriously.




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