Little Johnny.

28 02 2007

I don’t have time right now to type out a regular blog, nor do I really have anything to blog about until I watch the latest episode of Prison Break which I missed last night because I wanted to go out instead of stay home. So you’ll get my thoughts on that one just as soon as I watch it.

But here’s a little jokey joke for you guys to laugh at until I can come back and write something up for ya’ll…

Little Johnnie’s neighbor had a baby. Unfortunately, the baby was born without ears. When mother and new baby came home from the hospital, Johnnie’s family was invited over to see the baby.

Before they left their house, Little Johnnie’s Dad had a talk with him and explained that the baby had no ears. His dad also told him that if he so much as mentioned anything about the baby’s missing ears or even said the word ears, he would get the smacking of his life when they came back home. Little Johnnie told his dad he understood completely.

When Johnnie looked in the crib he said, “What a beautiful baby.”

The mother said, “Why, thank you, Little Johnnie.”

Johnnie said, “He has beautiful little feet and beautiful little hands, a cute little nose and really beautiful eyes. Can he see?”

“Yes”, the mother replied, “we are so thankful; the Doctor said he will have 20/20 vision.”

“That’s great”, said Little Johnnie,”coz he’d be f*cked if he needed glasses.”



Movie Review: Flyboys.

28 02 2007

Starring: James Franco, Martin Henderson, Jean Reno, David Ellison, Jennifer Decker.
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 2 hours, 9 minutes
Grade: D

In 1914, “The Great War” –WWI–began in Europe. By 1917, the Allied powers of France, England, Italy and others were on the ropes against the German juggernaut. Some altruistic young Americans disagreed with the war. They volunteered to fight alongside their counterparts in France; some in the infantry, some in the Ambulance Corps. A handful of others had a different idea: they decided to learn how to fly. The first of them–a squadron of only 38– became known as the Lafayette Escadrille. This is their story. Forced to abandon his family’s ranch, Blaine Rawlings finds his future in a newsreel chronicling the adventures of young aviators in France. At a small train station in rural Nebraska, William Jensen promises to make his family proud. In New York, spoiled Briggs Lowry embarks on a trans-Atlantic passage. Meanwhile, in France, black expatriate boxer, Eugene Skinner, vows to repay his debt to his adopted racially tolerant country. Together, these American boys arrive at an aerodrome in France, eager to learn how to fly. What they didn’t realize was that they were about to embark on a great, romantic adventure, becoming the world’s first combat pilots.


This is what I did throughout most of this movie, it wasn’t all that captivating…I watched it strictly for the eye candy factor in James Franco. He made the movie bearable, but aside from his cuteness in the movie, my eyes glazed over at how predictable this movie was and how …not good it was.

It bored me.

But this is why I finished the movie…

Yep, he’s a hot one.

American Idol: The Girls.

23 02 2007

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much more I liked the girls performances last night then the girls. I have detected a pattern when dealing with this show, American Idol. The talent switches up each season. Last season, the men were so much better, talentwise then the girls was and the season before that, it was the women that were better in my opinion.

This season definitely marks the women’s turn in the talent department.

I’m not saying that the men aren’t talented, but none of the men have really shown me why they should be the next American Idol, none of them wowed me, none of them really have that IT factor that Simon, I hope they prove me wrong as the season ends but as of right now, the girls are in the lead, running with the talent stick.

Last nights performance was hard for me to juggle since at 9pm, my show came on…so I missed a lot of what the judges said and I missed some of the girls performances but I got to see all the ones that I wanted to see, so yeah…on with my thoughts.

And the break down.

1. Stephanie: This girl can blow, she was pretty good, a bit pitchy in some parts and she’s got a good quality to her voice but her song choice was bland to me and I wasn’t really like WOW about her.

2. Amy: This girl was very MEH to me, she’s got a smooth voice but her song selection was poor, very boring…I read my book while watching this performance, so it’s not like I was engrossed or anything.

3. Leslie: Poor song choice because I was bored listening to the song but I do like this chick. She seems fun and energetic, like she would know how to keep the party going, so yeah she needs to do better before she has to kick rocks.

4. Sabrina: She got down last night, blew the first three contestants out of the water, great voice, great song choice even though I had no idea what song she was singing, she rocked it out…

5. Antonella: Yeah this girl sucked big hairy donkey balls, she was flat, her pitch was off and she was just very boring, she didn’t look like she was having fun up on that stage, I guess her nerves got to her and it’s sad because I think she’s gonna miss the very things she was singing about last night.

6. Jordin: This girl got dizown. She rocked the hell out of that stage, her stage presence was off the hook, her vocals were strong, smooth and on point. A favorite of mine last night. Great great job!

7. Nicole: Holy wow, this girl aint got no kind of rhythm, so she should have stayed away from the jerking crap she was doin’ on the stage last night, I couldn’t even pay attention to what the broad was singing, her dancing had me cringing…what the???

8. Melinda: Man, this girl can blow. She done showed up the other background singer..she got down with her bad self last night, her voice is off the chains good. She held it down on the stage and she was another one of my favorites. Great voice, great stage presence and just great all around performer. Go on wit’ your bad self, Melinda.

After Melinda, I missed all of the contestants but…Lakisha.

12. Lakisha: This girl brought the roof down with her song, she won the best performer of the night award…she was on point, there was nothing wrong with her performance that I could see, she proved to the world that she can blow…she leaned wit’ it, she rocked wit’ it, she done blew the shit up! Handle that, Lakisha.

I have no idea who’s going home tonight, but I hope the Indian kid stays one more week, I want him to prove to himself and to us that he can overcome his nerves, I like that little kid…so who knows.

Until tomorrow….

One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode 15.

23 02 2007

Like my man JT says in his song, Damn Girl…


Was that the business or what? I don’t even know where to begin I’m so jazzed about last night’s episode.

Seriously, it was all over the place good. I wasn’t even mad that I was missing the second hour of American Idol, the prom episode was good…it ended with a BANG to the FACE! haha.

The breakdown:

Brooke: Okay for this girl to not understand why Peyton was mad at her after all this time, totally made me want to crack her upside her stupid manly laugh having self. Did you guys notice during the sex tape when she was laughing with Nathan on the bed, that she’s got a really manly laugh? LOL. I did. I was like, ‘Eww, someone’s been taking her deep voice medicine!’ while she practiced her deep throat on Nathan, Ewww…frickin’ hooker Brooke. I told ya’ll that Brooke was a hooker. LOL. Though, she’s come a long way from the person she used to be and I like the new Brooke, she did do Peyton dirty and for her to keep saying that they were broken up, they were only broken up for a hot minute when Brooke bent over and showed Nathan what she was workin’ with.

I was hella rollin’ when Brooke went to Peyton’s house and egged it! Holy crap, I was sitting there crackin’ the hell up when they started wrestling on Peyton’s lawn. Oh holy wow, it was hilarious and Peyton was kicking her ass too! Woo hoo!

When Peyton told her exactly why she was mad at her, how hypocritical Brooke has been with the whole Peyton/Lucas thing, it got me all mad at Brooke again, especially when she brought up the whole making fun of Peyton’s dead Mom, because I remember being hella pissed that Brooke went there in the car on the way to the State Championship. I wanted to bitchslap the bitch! I’m so glad that finally, Peyton has just cause to kick Brooke’s ass for being a dumb ass…you go Peyton!

Lucas- What is up with frickin’ Lucas sticking up for the women that he’s NOT dating. I noticed that with Brooke, but felt he was justified in that because him and Peyton were NOT trying to be together, this second time around…yeah the first time, okay I get it but that second time when they spent most of their time together trying to get Lucas BACK WITH Brooke, so yeah…Ugh…when Peyton told him last night if he was ever going to stick up for the girl that he’s dating, I was laughing…she’s so right!

And when Lucas called Dan, DAD last night, I threw up a little in my mouth. Blech, don’t ever do that again, Lucas…and the whole Karen putting the guilt trip on Lucas about going to HIS prom with the guy that left her pregnant not too long after HER prom…I wanted to smack the bitch. Like it was Lucas’ fault that she got pregnant early in life and didn’t have time to date and hang out and whatever it is she wants to do nowadays with frickin’ the guy that put her in that situation to begin with? Oh please, like it was supposed to be some big time hurt fest that her son didn’t want her to go to HIS prom, I mean what normal teenage kid would want their parents at their prom anyway? Stupid Karen.

Mouth- I still think that the Clean Teen chick is stupid and I’m glad she’s out of Mouth’s life. She is just one big time dumb ass and Mouth should have gotten with Rachel instead, but too bad Rachel was bent on ruining her life to make her friends life better, now that’s love right there…she’s a down ass biznitch and you gotta like her after all that, right? I mean, she’s even letting Brooke stay at her house after she LEAVES…talk about trip out! Anyway, back to Mouth..I’m glad that he finally has the girl that he’s always wanted to go to prom with him. I hope he sets Brooke back on the right path…he deserves to be happy.

Haley and Nathan- Holy wow! I can see Haley being embarrassed that Nathan has a sex tape and the way that she found out about it, yeah but for Haley to pissed off that Nathan had a sex life BEFORE her and for her to be mad that it was with Brooke didn’t make a damn lick of sense to me. And for her to want him to be sorry that she wasn’t the only person that he slept with, for her to punish Nathan for the guy that he was before, I thought was just plain stupid. Let’s be real now, Lucas hit her right on the nose with his comment to her about her husband is not the jerk he used to be…I’m glad that they laid this one to rest though, Nathan continues to be the sweetie pie that I know and love with his list that really matters to him…Awww, there was only one name on that list and I thought it was absolutely adorable. What else could happen to these two, I wonder??? They’re been through it all, I swear but I can’t wait to see more Naley.

Peyton’s Prom Date- Hoey Mother of Marin! Crackface Derek is BACK ya’ll…I knew he would be, I knew that we haven’t seen the last of this psycho prick, WOO HOO!! The drama is BACK with a vengence…YAY, Lucas needs to cut his hair because from the back, Psycho Derek looked just like Crackhead Lookin’ Lucas, gosh Lucas needs a hair cut something fierce….but dude, that was the shit!

What is going to happen? I’m pissed that it’s not coming on next week but not that mad since American Idol will be on so I won’t miss any of that…gosh I need some TiVo like it’s nobody’s business…Man, last night’s show was the SHIZNIT!

Until next time guys…

American Idol, Season 6.

22 02 2007

Okay so this season of American Idol hasn’t yet wowed me. I don’t know what they’re waiting for, but hello??? I don’t have a favorite yet and by this time last year, I was already rootin’ Chris Daughtry, Ace Young and Katherine McPhee on. Where’s the talent? I mean, we’ve got a bootleg Justin Timberlake (who I actually really like) and then we’ve got another bootleg lookin’ Travis from last season of So You Think You Can Dance (who again, I actually really like) and then frickin’ Jack Osborne (who I thought got down last night but I wasn’t like OMGOSHING over him) I wasn’t OMGing about anyone last night…should I be worried?

The boys weren’t even on the same page as the boys from last season, they didn’t start this season’s Top 24 off with a bang, it was a wacked out version of karaoke night.

I sincerely hope that the girls are better tonight then the boys were last night. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the boys of American Idol Season 6 from last night.

Rudy: This guy was just a bit too cheesy for my tastes. He was doin’ a bit much with his song and it just didn’t do a hot damn thing for me. Meh.

Brandon: I was expecting him to be better than he was tonight with all his experience singing with Justin Timberlake (MY MAN) and he didn’t really bring it…I was disappointed.

Sundance: What the heck did this guy sing? I like this guy, his name still cracks me the hell up, I mean seriously, Sundance Head? LMAO LMAO…but do you guys remember what Satan told Adam and Eve to do after they partook of the forbidden fruit? He told them to GO HIDE…I think Sundance should follow them.

Paul: Suck. Suck. Suck. He needs to go find his shoes and keep right on walking out the door. He sang, I never wanna dance again when he should have been singing, I’m never going to SING again, he was so not the business.

Chris Richardson: I’m a fan…even though he looks and acts like a boot leg Justin Timberlake. I don’t even care, I think he’s a cutie and I enjoyed his performance of Gavin Degraw’s I Don’t Wanna Be…I voted for him!

Nick: I love this song…but Nick didn’t wow me, he was forgettable, gah!

Blake: I thought he did really well, I was happy with his performance, I can’t wait to see more of Blake. I’m a fan.

Sanjaya: I’m a Sanjaya fan, but he may not have wanted to bore me…but I was bored. GAH! I had such high hopes for him, he’s not confident in his performance and he’s all nervous, which is understandable but he needs to buckle down and get the singin’ or his days are numbered and I really like him.

Jack Osborne Chris Sligh: Man, this guy can get down. I was bobbin’ my head, didn’t know what the heck song he was singing but it didn’t matter because he rocked it out, rocked it out, rocked it out…east side rocked it out, LOL..just kidding, I like this kid, even though I thought he should have shut his yap when Simon criticized his performance, if he really wants to make it in this business, he has to listen and fix the changes that are asked of him, Simon hasn’t been wrong all that often, so if he wants to be a star, listen more and talk back less.

Jared: His vocals were just, good. His performance was just, okay. He didn’t really make the song his and he didn’t really wow me with his performance. I mean, if I closed my eyes, I would have thought it was Brian McKnight and the world already has a Brian McKnight, you know what I mean? Mulu liked him, but I wasn’t impressed.

AJ: This guy was doin’ the most. LOL. He did a good job though, he wasn’t my favorite of the night and not a favorite of mine in the competition. To me, he was just blah but the boy could get down, but he was wrong when he said it’s never too much, because he proved that sometimes it just is.

Phil: This guy did pretty good, I loved his vocal range and his performance of a great song made me raise my eyebrows, one of the best performances of the night.

Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with the men tonight. I thought they all did pretty good but I wasn’t like, blown away by any of them…yet. I hope that they turn up the juice and start bringing it next week, they were all pretty forgettable, nobody stood out to me and I really hope that the girls do better tomorrow.

Either way though, I’m all ears come tomorrow.

Let the competition begin.

*all pictures are from*

An Interesting Weekend.

21 02 2007

Wow, lots of things to write down before I forget.

Let’s start with Saturday.

I spent the day driving my parents a few towns over to some car dealership that they wanted to buy a car from. We got there about noon, didn’t leave the damn place until damn near 4pm, after that I drove over to my brothers house to drop Brenna off because she wanted to go there. We get there and my brother Pete is watching the All Star Weekend stuff. I watched with him, I watched the Los Angeles team get smashed in the shooting competition thanks to Michael Cooper’s old ass, I also watched Dwayne Wade serve Kobe his skills papers to him in the skills competition. I wasn’t mad since I’m a D Wade fan as well…I love watching him play basketball. I missed the dunking competition because I had to make a Target run with Chelsea, by the time we got home, it was long done and I was only a little miffed. I remember hoping they’d put it up on Youtube, so I have to remind myself to check that out when I get home from work today.

Anyway, something interesting (or annoying if you’re me) happened on our way to the car dealership. My Dad starts asking me all these questions about dating. He asks me if I’m dating or seeing anyone at the moment, I tell him NO unless he counts Mulu. He tells me that he’s got someone for me which then sends my Mom into a tizzy of laughter. I’m looking at her all crazy like and she turns to me and tells me, “You know Sean from Church? Well he asked Dad for his permission to court you, he wants to marry you.”

I’m all confused, not knowing who Sean is. My Dad then goes off on a tangent, telling me how good Sean would be for me, he’s a return missionary, he’s very active in Church, he’s a Priesthood holder and all this junk, my Mom is chiming in with her words of praise for this guy. And I’m still confused over who this guy is.

And guess who he is you guys….remember this post?

Yeah, that’s him.

Oh hell to the no.

Ever since then, my parents have been after me to think about going on a date with him, to think about seeing him.

Oh hell to the no.

He’s what my sister called, “moikolish” I don’t even know if I spelled it right but it’s Samoan for slimy man, you know child molester like guy…ewww, not even cute.

Sunday, I spent the day reading Jennifer Crusie’s Anyone But You. I loved it! I thought Alex and Nina were great together and I was happy as a clam after finishing up that book. I put down Melissa Senate’s The Breakup Club because I couldn’t get into it, so that one will have to wait. I watched the new Brothers and Sisters and fell a little more in love with Kevin. Gosh he cracks me up, I just love him to pieces and I think that Rob Lowe is a hottie on this show. I think he’s great with Kitty but what about Warren? What happened to him? I loved seeing Justin again, that man has got my heart, I swear. Love it!

Oh and I watched the NBA All Star Game, man that was a fantastic win for the West team, who have lost the All Star game to the East Side the past two years, I’m so frickin’ happy that Kobe won the MVP too because he got hella off and I know that Kobe isn’t high on anyone’s list but I don’t acre, I love me some Kobe. I don’t know if it’s because he plays for my all time favorite basketball team or what, but I’m a loyal Kobe fan, I probably just lost some readers there but oh well…Kobe’s the bomb and he was rewarded with the MVP trophy for the All Star Game, D Wade may have shown him up at the skills competition but Kobe got back on top at the All Star Game, I was rootin’ him on! I’m so glad The West won too…that Labron James is frickin’ tight and I thought the East had a better squad with Dwayne Wade, Labron James, Shaq (UGH!)…but oh no, Kobe, T Mac, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Carmelo Anthony and the rest of the West Side Squad put it down on Sunday….I was hella lovin’ it!

Yesterday, I didn’t work, I took my floating holiday and went with my sister to take the kids to the California Science Center which was a lot of fun for the kids, for me it was pretty boring. LOL. I spent the whole of yesterday going from one exibit where this kid and that kid were frickin’ screaming about this and that, I was glad when we finally walked out of the museum and called it a day.

I also watched Nacho Libre and frickin’ loved the stupid movie. I know, I’m weird but there you have it…it was as Ignacio said, “Fantastic!” LMAO.

But yeah, that was MY weekend.

What did you guys into this weekend?

One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode 14.

19 02 2007

This one’s for you Tracy, sorry I haven’t been updating as often as I should…but for you sweets, here’s the recap!

Whoa dang.

Last week’s episode was one that had me gaping like a lunatic through the last half of it.


I don’t even know where to start I’m just so flabbergasted.

But let’s start with Lucas and Peyton…LOVE IT! I loved how they’ve come full circle from where they were in the first season. The setting was the same, the only thing that would have made their first time the bestest EVAH was if Peyton were to have turned Lucas’ words on him and placed her hand over his heart and tell him him what he told her in that same room, all those seasons ago…*Place hand over his heart* “I want to be here, I want it all with you, Lucas.”


It would have been perfect. But they’re just so cute and I’m glad that they’re finally together and getting their chance at seeing where this is going to take them that I’ll forgive Peyton for not being as cute as I am. LOL.

Rachel taking the blame for Brooke so that she can keep her shot at the Victorias Secret Shebang? Damn, she makes it hard to NOT like her and she’s Rachel, we’re supposed to NOT like her. But the she does stuff for Brooke that makes her a good person and makes me rethink my stance on her…stop confusing me, Rachel.

Which brings me to Brooke. She is so effing worried about being a “good girl” and what everyone thinks of her, why hasn’t she come out and do the RIGHT thing? She’s letting Rachel out to be the bitch in everything and yet it’s Brooke who’s the bitch. For her to be so effing pissed at Peyton for being honest about her feelings for Lucas like she didn’t cheat on Peyton with NATHAN? Oh my freaking hell…what a hypocritical, snot faced slutty bitch! When she was playing with Nathan outside in the sprinklers, I wondered if they ever hooked up…and THEY DID! While HE WAS WITH PEYTON! She was with Nathan, Peyton’s boyfriend ON THE SLY…at least Peyton had the heart to BE HONEST about her feelings and they were real feelings for Brooke’s boyfriend but oh no, Brooke didn’t have the decency to do the same for frickin’ Peyton.


And she’s going to feel the wrath of everyone next week and I’m glad for it. She’s long due for all of this. For letting Rachel take the blame for her, for the whole Nathan sex tape thing…I frickin’ can’t stand her for all of that…she’s a HOOKER SLUT HOECAKE!

Haley gets on my nerves, I know she was just lashing out at Rachel because Rachel has proven in the past that she can be a bit of a bitch (okay so that’s a bit of an understatement, but whatever) with the whole I wanna sleep with Nathan bit but because I know that Rachel doesn’t deserve ALL of the blame for it and Haley going off on her, makes me want to bitchslap Haley..Meh.

I loved the Nathan and Lucas bonding time over Keith. I loved seeing them together in their little fruitcake way but still, I love it! I love that they’re good brothers right now, they’ve come a long way and it makes me giddy (my new favorite word) to see.

Poor Mouth. I feel bad because he keeps getting dicked in the girls department though I can’t help but think that maybe he deserves it because just last week he was pining over the loss of Gigi and now he’s got Clean Teen Queen FAKE whatever her name is and he’s all pining for her now…fickle heart much, Mouth? Sheesh.

Skillz, awwww he’s so cute! I love how he’s keeping his word about having the baby’s back. It was cute to see him say, “Hey Ma, I think it’s time for you to go” before Rachel could do anything to Haley…so cute!

I love it! I’m still not really caring about Deb and how she’s going to be sober and home soon, with maybe Nathan and Haley moving in with her to save money and be there for her. And the whole Dan and Karen thing still creeps me out because Karen loves her some Scott men, GROSS!

Good frickin’ show…can’t wait for next week!