I’ve Got a Problem.

9 02 2007

My favorite place in the whole world is the book store. That’s not a secret, I love going to different book stores, comparing the stock at the Barnes & Nobles in Torrance and the Barnes & Nobles in Manhattan Beach. I love going to the Borders in Cerritos because they have a better romance selection than the one in Torrance, yeah yeah I already know that I’m a geek, I’ve come to grips with it, now you do it.

In the past month, alone I’ve been practically living at the bookstore. You see, one of my friends just started working at the Barnes & Nobles by my house, MY Barnes & Nobles Holly and Grace so I’m there all the time now. I even sometimes go on my lunch hour, when I know she’s not there. And, get this, I’ve become one of those book lovers who actually sits at Barnes & Nobles and reads books while I’m IN there, I HANG OUT at Barnes & Nobles…I make small talk with people that are in the romance section and they ask me for book recommendations and I gladly give them books that they should buy, letting them know what kind of books they are, which ones are funny, which authors are really steamy with the sex scenes, I’ve become a bonafide book geek.

I love it.

I’ve spent so much time at the bookstore lately that I’ve accumulated a whole grip of books, by last count (last night) in the last month alone, I’ve bought 48 books. I’ve got great deals on most of the books but most of the books I paid full price for and didn’t even care. I know, the scandal! And you guys would think that because I’m just drowning my savings in book buying would be the problem but oh no, sweet readers….that is NOT it.

You see, my bookstore is 2 stories. The romance section is upstairs, so when I enter the bookstore I automatically take the escalator to the second floor and walk first to the YA section (the ladies of Twisted Kingdom have turned me into a YA whore, I tell you) to see what books are on sale there and then after I’ve tired myself out from trying to remember the last books that Mailyn and Co. have reviewed on their site, I make my way over to the Romance section to check out what they’ve got.

Last week, I was a woman on a mission. Ethan’s book by Janet Chapman just came out and I promised Nicole that I would read the book with her (I know, I’m so sorry Nicole, I STILL haven’t gotten around to reading it) so I dragged two of my friends with me to the bookstore (missed The Office, Grey’s and part of Men in Trees) and walked over to the Romance section intent on finding the book and taking it home. When I got there, the section designated for Janet Chapman was filled with all of her Highlander books and then a few copies of Alex’s book. Those are not the books I was looking for, so I walked over to the New Romance Releases Section and scoured that shelf looking for my damn book and nope, it’s not there either. I’m getting pissed off because I can’t find Ethan’s book, so I start browsing all of the shelves, hoping to find an errant copy that a customer put back or something but nope, nothing around there either. I sighed but didn’t give up.

I started walking back toward the YA section to go and buy another one of those books to make me feel better when I saw a copy of Ethan’s book sitting in a basket on the counter near the relationship section. A smile broke out on my face and I walked toward the basket and snatched it right out of the basket. I was so happy that I finally had a perfect paperback version of Ethan’s book, it was only $8 bucks and I get 10% off, so yeah I’m all happy go lucky until I hear some lady talking behind me.

I had already started walking away from the basket, when I heard them. It was two ladies, around my age and they were looking in the basket that I took Ethan’s book out of. Here’s some of the conversation I heard.

Lady One: Hey did you take my book out of my basket?
Lady Two: Which one? No.
Lady One: The new Janet Chapman book, Ethan’s book.
Lady Two: No, maybe you put it on the shelf while you were looking…
Lady One: I don’t see it, can you check for me, I hope we find it, it was the only copy on the shelf.

I lifted my eyebrows and tucked the book closer to me and then I started laughing. THEN, I dialed Holly’s number and told her all about it. I stood a few feet away under the cover of lots and lots of books while talking to Holly on the phone, watched the two ladies looking for the book. It was while I was watching the two ladies that a bookshelf on the first floor caught my attention. It had three shelves full of Ethan’s book. I straightened away from the books and walked away…laughing because there was a bookshelf with plenty of books and still I stole the ladies books.

Oh well.

The other incident happened last night. I had just finished Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and just HAD to rush to the bookstore to get New Moon, the second book in the series. So there I am, rushing to the store, up the escalator and to the Young Adult section. I’m looking in the New Release Section where I saw four copies of the book just a couple of days ago. There’s no New Moon there, so I start making my way toward the M’s of the YA Section, I see a bunch of M last names but none of them are Meyer and then BINGO, I see Twilight, there are three copies of Twlight under Meyer, but no New Moons, I’m getting all kinds of irritated and scared that maybe they don’t have the book in stock but I was ready to drive to Borders to get it, if I had to.

That’s when I saw my friend Lexi, who works there and ask her where it is. She tells me to follow her and she’ll look it up, and while we’re walking, she’s asking me what kind of book it is, what the book is about and so I start gushing about the book. I’m regaling her with tales of the perfection of Edward Cullen (HA!) when we get to her information station. There’s a copy of New Moon sitting in a basket on her counter, so I did a little happy jig and snatched it up. Lexie looks around her area, making sure it wasn’t a customer’s and tells me, “How do you know that doesn’t belong to someone around here?” I shrug and told her, “Duh, it’s one of your go backs, I can take it.” She then tells me, “You can’t take it, because that’s not my go back basket, that is” and she points to a basket that is overflowing with children’s books.

I ignored her and begin to walk away and she starts laughing, “You’re a book thief Wena,” she says and I just shrugged my shoulders and told her, “If they wanted the book so bad, they wouldn’t have left the book just sitting around, for me to take, so yeah I’m taking it.”

Luckily nobody came back for the book, because I threatened Lexie bodily harm if she tried to give my book away. I think I mentioned something about broken kneecaps or something, but yeah…I’m telling you, don’t mess with my books.


I can’t seem to stop stealing other people’s books, where can I get help for something like this? Holly stop laughing at me.




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