One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode 1??

9 02 2007

Last night’s One Tree Hill was really good.

I liked that they took a break from everyone’s individual issues and instead was all about everyone as a whole. I’m glad that though they did take a break from LIVING their individual issues and that they were able to talk about their individual issues with people not directly involved in their issues, does that make sense?

It’s so easy for all of us to get wrapped up in our own little everyday drama’s that we don’t take a moment to step back and just be us. Sometimes we need to take a step back from everything we’ve got going on and acknowledge the people around us, everyday.

I liked the little lesson thing that they had going on last night at Tree Hill. YAY, Mouth has a girl that’s just as crazy about him as he is for her, though that was a bit unbelievable since she called him a geek in class, but hey maybe she’s like me and has a thing for geeks. I love it! I’m glad that Brooke got to get everything out and was actually honest with Chase, I wonder if Rachel is going to somehow ruin that one as well, because I don’t remember Brooke coming clean about the bet with Rachel to Chase last night…but yeah, whatever.

What I liked the most about this episode though? There were no annoying love crap things between Dan and Karen to witness, there was no Deb drugging herself into a complete lunatic to witness either, it was just the kids and thats really how I like it. Let’s have more of these, what do you say OTH writers? I’ll write a letter if I have to.

I liked that Lucas was Captain Save a Hoe to someone else besides Peyton and Brooke. I loved that he got to know the other girls at school and I just love how he stepped in with her Mother to make sure that she knew that her daughter wasn’t a loser. She was somebody and Lucas Scott, jock knew her and even better, liked her company. I really do love Lucas, I just wish he would frickin’ get a damn haircut. Would it kill him to stop looking like a damn drug dealer? Sheesh.

I loved seeing Nathan and Peyton forge their friendship again, it’s so hard to believe that at the beginning, these two were the IT couple. How far from the mark they’ve come. They’re both blissfully happy with their partners now and I couldn’t be more happy for the both of them. Nathan has come so far from the boy he used to be when he was with Peyton and Peyton has come so far from the scared shadow of the girl she used to be when she was with Nathan. To know that they’re now with the best friends that started this whole show is just fantastic to me. I know that Lucas being with Peyton has killed off a lot of the Brucas fans but I don’t care, Lucas is who he was meant to be with and I’m so happy for that…and for him. He deserves to be with someone who understands his dreams and supports them in a way that Brooke will never understand.

As for Hayley and Skillz? Holy goodness, I enjoyed getting to know Skillz. I enjoyed seeing a peek into HIS life outside of basketball, outside of the Rivercourt and away from his friends, it’s so funny how 2 dimensional his character was, I’m so glad that the writers of the show have made Skillz more 3 dimensional in the fact that we see his thoughts and his feelings and his…dreams. It’s good to know that Skills has dreams and a family and I just like his character.

I loved when he told Haley that he’ll have the babies back…so cute!

This was a good episode, I was one happy camper last night. Can’t wait to see more next week…and for goodness sakes, WHO KNOWS DAN KILLED KEITH? Is it you Whitey? Tracy can you ask him the next time you see him please? I’m dying to know! haha.




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