An Interesting Weekend.

21 02 2007

Wow, lots of things to write down before I forget.

Let’s start with Saturday.

I spent the day driving my parents a few towns over to some car dealership that they wanted to buy a car from. We got there about noon, didn’t leave the damn place until damn near 4pm, after that I drove over to my brothers house to drop Brenna off because she wanted to go there. We get there and my brother Pete is watching the All Star Weekend stuff. I watched with him, I watched the Los Angeles team get smashed in the shooting competition thanks to Michael Cooper’s old ass, I also watched Dwayne Wade serve Kobe his skills papers to him in the skills competition. I wasn’t mad since I’m a D Wade fan as well…I love watching him play basketball. I missed the dunking competition because I had to make a Target run with Chelsea, by the time we got home, it was long done and I was only a little miffed. I remember hoping they’d put it up on Youtube, so I have to remind myself to check that out when I get home from work today.

Anyway, something interesting (or annoying if you’re me) happened on our way to the car dealership. My Dad starts asking me all these questions about dating. He asks me if I’m dating or seeing anyone at the moment, I tell him NO unless he counts Mulu. He tells me that he’s got someone for me which then sends my Mom into a tizzy of laughter. I’m looking at her all crazy like and she turns to me and tells me, “You know Sean from Church? Well he asked Dad for his permission to court you, he wants to marry you.”

I’m all confused, not knowing who Sean is. My Dad then goes off on a tangent, telling me how good Sean would be for me, he’s a return missionary, he’s very active in Church, he’s a Priesthood holder and all this junk, my Mom is chiming in with her words of praise for this guy. And I’m still confused over who this guy is.

And guess who he is you guys….remember this post?

Yeah, that’s him.

Oh hell to the no.

Ever since then, my parents have been after me to think about going on a date with him, to think about seeing him.

Oh hell to the no.

He’s what my sister called, “moikolish” I don’t even know if I spelled it right but it’s Samoan for slimy man, you know child molester like guy…ewww, not even cute.

Sunday, I spent the day reading Jennifer Crusie’s Anyone But You. I loved it! I thought Alex and Nina were great together and I was happy as a clam after finishing up that book. I put down Melissa Senate’s The Breakup Club because I couldn’t get into it, so that one will have to wait. I watched the new Brothers and Sisters and fell a little more in love with Kevin. Gosh he cracks me up, I just love him to pieces and I think that Rob Lowe is a hottie on this show. I think he’s great with Kitty but what about Warren? What happened to him? I loved seeing Justin again, that man has got my heart, I swear. Love it!

Oh and I watched the NBA All Star Game, man that was a fantastic win for the West team, who have lost the All Star game to the East Side the past two years, I’m so frickin’ happy that Kobe won the MVP too because he got hella off and I know that Kobe isn’t high on anyone’s list but I don’t acre, I love me some Kobe. I don’t know if it’s because he plays for my all time favorite basketball team or what, but I’m a loyal Kobe fan, I probably just lost some readers there but oh well…Kobe’s the bomb and he was rewarded with the MVP trophy for the All Star Game, D Wade may have shown him up at the skills competition but Kobe got back on top at the All Star Game, I was rootin’ him on! I’m so glad The West won too…that Labron James is frickin’ tight and I thought the East had a better squad with Dwayne Wade, Labron James, Shaq (UGH!)…but oh no, Kobe, T Mac, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Carmelo Anthony and the rest of the West Side Squad put it down on Sunday….I was hella lovin’ it!

Yesterday, I didn’t work, I took my floating holiday and went with my sister to take the kids to the California Science Center which was a lot of fun for the kids, for me it was pretty boring. LOL. I spent the whole of yesterday going from one exibit where this kid and that kid were frickin’ screaming about this and that, I was glad when we finally walked out of the museum and called it a day.

I also watched Nacho Libre and frickin’ loved the stupid movie. I know, I’m weird but there you have it…it was as Ignacio said, “Fantastic!” LMAO.

But yeah, that was MY weekend.

What did you guys into this weekend?




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