American Idol: The Girls.

23 02 2007

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much more I liked the girls performances last night then the girls. I have detected a pattern when dealing with this show, American Idol. The talent switches up each season. Last season, the men were so much better, talentwise then the girls was and the season before that, it was the women that were better in my opinion.

This season definitely marks the women’s turn in the talent department.

I’m not saying that the men aren’t talented, but none of the men have really shown me why they should be the next American Idol, none of them wowed me, none of them really have that IT factor that Simon, I hope they prove me wrong as the season ends but as of right now, the girls are in the lead, running with the talent stick.

Last nights performance was hard for me to juggle since at 9pm, my show came on…so I missed a lot of what the judges said and I missed some of the girls performances but I got to see all the ones that I wanted to see, so yeah…on with my thoughts.

And the break down.

1. Stephanie: This girl can blow, she was pretty good, a bit pitchy in some parts and she’s got a good quality to her voice but her song choice was bland to me and I wasn’t really like WOW about her.

2. Amy: This girl was very MEH to me, she’s got a smooth voice but her song selection was poor, very boring…I read my book while watching this performance, so it’s not like I was engrossed or anything.

3. Leslie: Poor song choice because I was bored listening to the song but I do like this chick. She seems fun and energetic, like she would know how to keep the party going, so yeah she needs to do better before she has to kick rocks.

4. Sabrina: She got down last night, blew the first three contestants out of the water, great voice, great song choice even though I had no idea what song she was singing, she rocked it out…

5. Antonella: Yeah this girl sucked big hairy donkey balls, she was flat, her pitch was off and she was just very boring, she didn’t look like she was having fun up on that stage, I guess her nerves got to her and it’s sad because I think she’s gonna miss the very things she was singing about last night.

6. Jordin: This girl got dizown. She rocked the hell out of that stage, her stage presence was off the hook, her vocals were strong, smooth and on point. A favorite of mine last night. Great great job!

7. Nicole: Holy wow, this girl aint got no kind of rhythm, so she should have stayed away from the jerking crap she was doin’ on the stage last night, I couldn’t even pay attention to what the broad was singing, her dancing had me cringing…what the???

8. Melinda: Man, this girl can blow. She done showed up the other background singer..she got down with her bad self last night, her voice is off the chains good. She held it down on the stage and she was another one of my favorites. Great voice, great stage presence and just great all around performer. Go on wit’ your bad self, Melinda.

After Melinda, I missed all of the contestants but…Lakisha.

12. Lakisha: This girl brought the roof down with her song, she won the best performer of the night award…she was on point, there was nothing wrong with her performance that I could see, she proved to the world that she can blow…she leaned wit’ it, she rocked wit’ it, she done blew the shit up! Handle that, Lakisha.

I have no idea who’s going home tonight, but I hope the Indian kid stays one more week, I want him to prove to himself and to us that he can overcome his nerves, I like that little kid…so who knows.

Until tomorrow….




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