One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode 15.

23 02 2007

Like my man JT says in his song, Damn Girl…


Was that the business or what? I don’t even know where to begin I’m so jazzed about last night’s episode.

Seriously, it was all over the place good. I wasn’t even mad that I was missing the second hour of American Idol, the prom episode was good…it ended with a BANG to the FACE! haha.

The breakdown:

Brooke: Okay for this girl to not understand why Peyton was mad at her after all this time, totally made me want to crack her upside her stupid manly laugh having self. Did you guys notice during the sex tape when she was laughing with Nathan on the bed, that she’s got a really manly laugh? LOL. I did. I was like, ‘Eww, someone’s been taking her deep voice medicine!’ while she practiced her deep throat on Nathan, Ewww…frickin’ hooker Brooke. I told ya’ll that Brooke was a hooker. LOL. Though, she’s come a long way from the person she used to be and I like the new Brooke, she did do Peyton dirty and for her to keep saying that they were broken up, they were only broken up for a hot minute when Brooke bent over and showed Nathan what she was workin’ with.

I was hella rollin’ when Brooke went to Peyton’s house and egged it! Holy crap, I was sitting there crackin’ the hell up when they started wrestling on Peyton’s lawn. Oh holy wow, it was hilarious and Peyton was kicking her ass too! Woo hoo!

When Peyton told her exactly why she was mad at her, how hypocritical Brooke has been with the whole Peyton/Lucas thing, it got me all mad at Brooke again, especially when she brought up the whole making fun of Peyton’s dead Mom, because I remember being hella pissed that Brooke went there in the car on the way to the State Championship. I wanted to bitchslap the bitch! I’m so glad that finally, Peyton has just cause to kick Brooke’s ass for being a dumb ass…you go Peyton!

Lucas- What is up with frickin’ Lucas sticking up for the women that he’s NOT dating. I noticed that with Brooke, but felt he was justified in that because him and Peyton were NOT trying to be together, this second time around…yeah the first time, okay I get it but that second time when they spent most of their time together trying to get Lucas BACK WITH Brooke, so yeah…Ugh…when Peyton told him last night if he was ever going to stick up for the girl that he’s dating, I was laughing…she’s so right!

And when Lucas called Dan, DAD last night, I threw up a little in my mouth. Blech, don’t ever do that again, Lucas…and the whole Karen putting the guilt trip on Lucas about going to HIS prom with the guy that left her pregnant not too long after HER prom…I wanted to smack the bitch. Like it was Lucas’ fault that she got pregnant early in life and didn’t have time to date and hang out and whatever it is she wants to do nowadays with frickin’ the guy that put her in that situation to begin with? Oh please, like it was supposed to be some big time hurt fest that her son didn’t want her to go to HIS prom, I mean what normal teenage kid would want their parents at their prom anyway? Stupid Karen.

Mouth- I still think that the Clean Teen chick is stupid and I’m glad she’s out of Mouth’s life. She is just one big time dumb ass and Mouth should have gotten with Rachel instead, but too bad Rachel was bent on ruining her life to make her friends life better, now that’s love right there…she’s a down ass biznitch and you gotta like her after all that, right? I mean, she’s even letting Brooke stay at her house after she LEAVES…talk about trip out! Anyway, back to Mouth..I’m glad that he finally has the girl that he’s always wanted to go to prom with him. I hope he sets Brooke back on the right path…he deserves to be happy.

Haley and Nathan- Holy wow! I can see Haley being embarrassed that Nathan has a sex tape and the way that she found out about it, yeah but for Haley to pissed off that Nathan had a sex life BEFORE her and for her to be mad that it was with Brooke didn’t make a damn lick of sense to me. And for her to want him to be sorry that she wasn’t the only person that he slept with, for her to punish Nathan for the guy that he was before, I thought was just plain stupid. Let’s be real now, Lucas hit her right on the nose with his comment to her about her husband is not the jerk he used to be…I’m glad that they laid this one to rest though, Nathan continues to be the sweetie pie that I know and love with his list that really matters to him…Awww, there was only one name on that list and I thought it was absolutely adorable. What else could happen to these two, I wonder??? They’re been through it all, I swear but I can’t wait to see more Naley.

Peyton’s Prom Date- Hoey Mother of Marin! Crackface Derek is BACK ya’ll…I knew he would be, I knew that we haven’t seen the last of this psycho prick, WOO HOO!! The drama is BACK with a vengence…YAY, Lucas needs to cut his hair because from the back, Psycho Derek looked just like Crackhead Lookin’ Lucas, gosh Lucas needs a hair cut something fierce….but dude, that was the shit!

What is going to happen? I’m pissed that it’s not coming on next week but not that mad since American Idol will be on so I won’t miss any of that…gosh I need some TiVo like it’s nobody’s business…Man, last night’s show was the SHIZNIT!

Until next time guys…




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