Check It Out!

29 03 2007

Okay, this happened last baseball season but it’s still funny as all get out so I’m posting this to immortalize this on my blog. HA! I’ve showed the girls at SF this but since I don’t have anything to blog about today, I thought I’d share this picture with the rest of my lovely readers…hehe.

Background information:

Chance hit a homerun during the last baseball season and the peeps in his league took his picture to put on the Hall of Fame on their Little League Website and this is the picture that Chance took.


If you don’t see anything wrong with the picture, look down at Chance’s pants. See it? HA HA, now laugh with me. HA HA!

Dude, I’m hella rollin’…gosh this is the funniest thing EVER! This goes down in the history of funniest things Dylan has ever witnessed in her life. Freakin’ Chance.

How I Spent My Weekend.

27 03 2007

…so this weekend was pretty interesting for me and really, it started on Thursday instead of Friday because Thursday, I spent the evening with Holly. We had ourselves a blast which isn’t a surprise at all.

Here are the deets for my weekend.

Thursday: Had to work a little late, so by the time I got home, Holly was already in L.A. and close to my house. I rushed through getting dressed and by the time Holly got to the house, I was ready to go. We drove over to her hotel to check her in and I waited in the car while she handled her business, catching up with one of my work friends who was away on training. She came out and we were both a bit hungry so we went to eat…at IHOP, because I wanted something sweet and it was down the street from her hotel. You guys definitely have to try the Harvest Grain Pancakes over there, Holly was jealous that she didn’t order it because it was seriously…the bomb.

I oohed and ahhed over Holly’s new eBook reader (stupid girl was bragging about it and I was green with envy =)…) and read a bunch of naughty threesome and foursome scenes between brothers and their women. I swear to you guys, Holly (love you girl) is one big hornball, even bigger than me because she’s got about 15 eBooks on her eBook reader and of the 15 only 3 are regular books, the rest are naughty books that Daphne refers to as ‘cookbooks’ so that her parents won’t find out just what she is reading…haha. I’m tellin’ ya’ll…Holly is a freak! haha.

After we finished eating, we had to do a Target run for the things Holly forgot to pack and then after that we ended our night where you guys would expect us to end it….at the bookstore. A new Borders opened up close to her hotel room, so that’s where we headed after Target and we got….you guessed it, more ‘cookbooks’….LOL. Holly got Nauti Boy by Lora Leigh and some other book and I got, Hot In Here by Susan Lyons and Seduce Me by some author I forget her name. I started Hot In Here and will get back to it just as soon as I’m done with my romance fix. =)

I had a great time laughing and just being goofy with Holly, she’s a great friend and I’m so glad that we got together for a quick little girl’s night. Good times, Holly….good times.

Friday: I had to work Friday but didn’t take a lunch so that I could leave early. I got home and was looking forward to staying in with the kids and just be good, since I’d been out every night last week. I ended up getting a call from Mulu, telling me to get dressed so that we can do something, anything …so dressed, I got.

We went to dinner with our friend, Maria and then after dinner we got a call from our friend, Braxton who was home and bored and though he didn’t want to do anything too crazy, he didn’t want to stay at home either. So we head over to Braxton’s house and set off to just be goofy. We wanted to check out different things before going to our friend Devin’s house. Devin was having a party at his house so we drove around before heading to Devin’s. We were all talking about how it’s a boring Friday night and we don’t know how we’re going to have fun with NOTHING to do, but we kept right on driving.

On our way back to Devin’s house, there was one of those Check Points, where a bunch of cops close down the lanes and they have those sobriety checks and drivers license checks. So we’re waiting in line when the driver in front of us, gets out of his car and switches with the passenger. They literally, got out of their Maroon Maxima, walked around and switched drivers.

As we’re all gaping at the car in front of us, Nelly Furtado is singing “Say It Right” on the radio and a Yukon pulls up directly beside us and is signalling for me to roll my window down. I look over and it’s a Cop Car. I dutifully roll my window down and the cop says to me in a hard voice, “Did you see those people switch drivers?” I didn’t want to be known as a snitch, but the cop got loud, so I nodded. It wasn’t good enough for him, he asks me again, “Ma’am, did you see that car in front of you switch drivers.” Turning all kinds of red, I nodded and said, “Yeah, they switched drivers.” to which he flashes me a cute smile and says, “Thank you.” and then yells to the cops that were on motorcycles on the side of the street that they switched drivers and Maroon Maxima was pulled over.

It’s about this time that Justin Timberlake’s song, “What Goes Around Comes Around” begins and Braxton says, “Ooh, not What Goes Around Comes Around…” But it sure did come right back around because I must have been staring at the car because the cop on the motorcycle yells at us to PULL OVER TO THE RIGHT.

Confused, we did as he said…we pulled over and while we watched the Maroon Maxima just chillin’ right beside us, the cops come over to our car and start harassin’ the hell out of Mulu. Wanting to know if we switched drivers, who’s car we were in, who’s been driving all night, who’s been drinking, how old everyone was and all this bullcrap.

All the while, they pay NO ATTENTION to the real driver switcher uppers.

I can hear Mulu getting interogated, she’s telling them that nobody switched drivers in our car but that they did (pointing to the other car, who still has no cops yelling at them) she tells him that she drove the entire night, we don’t drink alcohol EVER and everything else, there’s a good cop and a bad cop talking to her and you could tell in her voice that she’s getting really irritated with the bad cop, she didn’t have the sense to be scared…

…me on the other hand, was terrified. LOL. He was really loud and you could tell that he was just as irritated with us, because he didn’t believe Mulu. I was close to holding my hands in the air the entire time that we were stuck with the interrogating cops.

While Mulu is telling the cops, how old we all in the car are, another cop comes to my window and taps it for me to roll it down. I complied. Then he flashes his bright ass flashlight in my face. He asks me how old I am, I tell him, “26.” He doesn’t seem like he believes me but I don’t care. He didn’t ask me for my license or anything but the following conversation ensues.

Bad Cop: Who drove tonight?
Me: Her. *pointing at Mulu*
Bad Cop: All night?
Me: Yeah, this is her car.
Bad Cop: Has anyone been drinking tonight?
Me: No, we don’t drink.
Bad Cop: So NOBODY else drove this car the entire night?
Me: Nope, this is her car and she drove us around all night.
Bad Cop: *getting really irritated, he got really loud* Well, the car behind you said that you guys switched drivers.
Bad Cop: *gives me a confused look, he’s not buying anything I say, AND IT’S THE TRUTH!*
Me: Officer, we’re the car that told that other Officer in the Yukon that those people in THAT car switched drivers.
Bad Cop: Ohhhh, *shuts off his flashlight* I see…well you guys are good to go then, pull back into the line and proceed.

Mulu stupid ass says, “You believe her and not me?”

Mulu gets into the car and turns it on. We all glare at the other car that is just chillin’ unbothered by all these cops. And Mulu growls, “BITCH!” which the cops totally heard and with their flashlight, signalled for us to leave.

The cop in the Yukon finally comes over and we can hear him telling the other cops that we were the ones that verified the other car had switched drivers but we’re already pissed off at HIM since he watched us getting pulled over and did NOTHING ABOUT IT. But then we forgave him when we saw that he had to go all the way around the big ass block to get back to where we were, but we were like, “Couldn’t you just radio him or whatever?”

So now we’re back in line and Maria goes, “Dude, we should’ve just lied and said we didn’t see anything.”

And Braxton, trying to make light of things said, “But we couldn’t cause Nelly Furtado said, Say It Right”.

It worked cause we all started laughing.

And so we’re getting close to the inspection point and there are about 3 ugly cops and then 1 HOTTIE COP and the 2nd cop was like, “Can I see your license?” Mulu drives by him and plants our happy ass right beside the hottie cop and we both smile at him.

He leans down and asks for Mulu’s drivers license. She hands it to him and he looks at the rest of the people in the car, he smiles at me, nods at Braxton and then says, “Have you guys been drinking?”

Maria jumps up and says, “No we don’t drink.”

Hottie cop, still holding Mulu’s license says, “Why the hell not?”

…and before anyone could reply, Maria says, “We’re LDS.”

I could tell Mulu was getting irritated because we couldn’t get our flirt on with Hottie Cop because Maria won’t shut her yap.

She says, “What’s up with us getting harassed tonight? Do you know Bishop Dean?”

Hottie Cop says, “Who?”

And Braxton says, “Bishop Dean…he’s our Bishop at Church.”

Then Hottie Cop asks, “What’s his name?”

And Mulu says, “Bishop?”

The cop started laughing, as did all of us in the car and he waves us by, we drive away and Mulu was like, “Damn Maria, just hog Hottie Cop all to yourself why don’t you?”

It was funny because after we were a few blocks away from the check point, Braxton says, “Dude that was fun, let’s do it again!”

LOL…and we thought we weren’t going to have fun.

We spent the rest of the night hanging out at Devin’s house before heading home…it was too funny.

Saturday: I spent the entire morning, Saturday by myself at home…reading Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas. I really enjoyed that book, a whole lot. My brother came over and we hung out for a little bit and then he took off and then Maria came to my house and we hung out for a while and then she went home and the family came back from San Diego (for a wedding) and I spent the night with the fam bam…it was good times.

Sunday: Went to Church and then to Break the Fast after Church. Had good times, lots of laughs at our table. Between our friends, Landon and Jeremiah, there was plenty said to keep us laughing all throughout our meal.

I came home instead of going to Mulu’s because my sister Helen (from Colorado) and her family were down so I went to hang out with them, we had a big ol’ feast, King Crab Legs and Salmon and a bunch of other stuff and man was it good…enjoyed hanging out with the family and then I read Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and enjoyed the heck out of that book.

It was overall a very good weekend….so….HOW DID YOU GUYS SPEND YOUR WEEKEND?


23 03 2007

Okay words can’t express how pissed off I am that Chris Richardson was in the bottom 2 last night. I mean seriously? Chris was worst then Haley? Chris was worst then Sunjaya, who should have been sent home WEEK ONE? Were you guys watching American Idol Tuesday night with your volume turned off because Stephanie and Chris R. are heaps and bounds better than both Haley and Sunjaya.

I don’t understand what the appeal of Sunjaya is, I could see it before, at his audition, but he lost all of his appeal when he opened his mouth and sang that Stevie Wonder joint about, “I don’t wanna bore you with this” because not only did he bore me, he made me want to gauge my eyes out with a spoon.

So please, American, explain to me why you guys think that frickin’ Sunjaya is better than Chris R. who has been consistent all these weeks on the GOOD SIDE of the judges judgements.

The gauntlet has been dropped, I have now been officially put on my toes because from now on, Chris R. will not make it to the bottom 2 if he doesn’t deserve it and I’m going to make sure of it…


I was sad to see Stephanie go home, well not really because I was too happy that Chris didn’t go home, but now that the scare is behind me, I’m furious on Stephanie’s behalf because she is quite frankly the better singer than some of the other contestants on the show.

I knew Blake would be safe, he’s the crowd pleaser, the crowd favorite. So I wasn’t worried about him, I wasn’t all that worried about Chris R. either because I thought he did exceptionally well, so did the judges….this is why I get mad at this show so much because ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN…

But dude, seriously….Chris R. AND Stephanie?

What’s really going.

In brighter and happier news, HOLLY IS COMING TO L.A. I’m having a late dinner and some girly fun with Holly tonight and I cannot wait until she gets here, I’m doing all that I can to will the hours away so that I can rush home and Holly will be here in L.A. already. I haven’t seen Holly in quite a long time, so we were definitely due for some girly fun. One of these days, I’m gonna make the trip out there to see her on her turf, when? I’m not sure, but its’ on my list of things to do.



I’ll probably miss Grey’s Anatomy and October Road today but thanks to the beautiful invention of the internet, I’ll be able to watch it at a later time, YAY ME AGAIN!

So what’s up with everyone else in the blogging world?

Congrats to My Kiddies!

20 03 2007

Basketball season is wrapping up and I’ve got to give a warm shout out to my nieces, Meghan and Makenna for winning the City of Carson Championship Game for their league this past Saturday, Meghan had a buttload of points and like 3 assists, whereas little Makenna was just fanfrickintastic on the bench and the few minutes that she played (she’s 2 years younger than the rest of the team) ….GO WILDCATS, I was so proud of my little Meghan, she was on fire and she totally carried her team to a championship victory, which I know first time coach Daddy Chey was happy for…he did an amazing job, for being a first time coach, his team won the championship!!


I’m a horrible Aunt because I just found out this weekend that my other niece, Jenna’s cheerleading team won NATIONALS for their age group. She went to the Nationals Competition in Las Vegas last month and took the entire thing…she was also in the newspaper and I didn’t even know….so, yeah I’m all late with this but…


Brenna’s team won on Saturday and Brenna can get down on the basketball court, I think she may like basketball better than soccer and I’m a little bit heartbroken because of that. She hasn’t told me yet but I know she’s going to want to focus on playing basketball soon…I’m hoping she’ll give soccer another chance though.

I had a busy weekend with parties, basketball games and a softball game to attend, so I’m totally exhausted….how were you guys’ weekends?

I know that Izzy had a good time this weekend with it being Joey’s party and all…I’m STILL laughing about him, Izzy…seriously.

TV: October Road.

17 03 2007

Jack Jagelski is no more on One Tree Hill. He’s move on to bigger and greener pastures and last night’s series premiere for his new show, October Road definitely hit my must watch button, because though it wasn’t the explosive episode I wanted, it had just the right amount of umph to have me coming back for more.

After high school, Nick Garrett goes away for what is supposed to be 6 weeks and ends up staying away from home for 10 years. In the 10 years that he’s gone away from Knights Ridge, his hometown, he writes a bestseller book that doesn’t paint a pretty picture about his friends and girlfriend back home.

Well now, it’s 10 years later and Nick is trying to write another book but he’s got writers block and can’t write a hot damn thing, so his editor advices him to go back home and make peace with the people he talked about in his book. Nick then takes the one day teaching job at the university in town and heads home.

To a warm welcome from his family and some of his friends. And harsh reality checks from the girl he left behind and his best friend, Eddie. He also comes home to meet a little boy named Sam who he later wonders is his very own son, since Sam’s mother is Hannah, Nick’s girlfriend that he left behind.

My thoughts on:

Nick: He’s just as hot in this show as he was as Jake in One Tree Hill. He’s got a lot of good deeds to do before I’ll love Nick as much as I love Jake but I think Bryan is man enough for the challenge. There’s just something about Bryan Greenberg that I totally love. It may be his good looks or his ability to charm the socks right off of me with any character that he plays but I’m really excited to see what Bryan can bring to the table for Nick. Nick’s character is the one that will grow the most in this series since the whole show is about him going back home for the first time in 10 years after the crap he wrote in that bestseller book of his. I like his character already and was laughing my ass off when he ran out on the class and then came back only to see ONE person still there. He was funny and he’s smart and I just really really like him…a lot. I can’t wait to see more on him.

Hannah: It’s funny to see Donna without Eric. LOL. and it’s hella funny to see Donna acting GROWN UP and being a MOM. Remember when Donna and Eric had that pregnancy scare? Yeah, this is totally different from that, this Donna, or Hannah is responsible and she’s a good mother to her son, who doesn’t know that his new friend, Nick, is actually his father. And seriously? HE IS SO TOTALLY NICK’S SON! But, I like that Hannah is still mad at Nick for deserting her, I love that she kept it together for her son and I love that even though she’s still furious at Nick (and she totally is behind that indifferent facade) that there is a possibility that she’ll get back with him….she’s not over him, she wouldn’t be drinking in the afternoon if she was totally over him…so that will be good to keep me on my toes and coming back for more.

Nick and Sam: I think these two are so cute. I can’t wait to see more with these two and I can’t wait to see their relationship grow and flourish..LOL. I thought they were cute together before they knew who the other was and I’m so effing excited to see Nick get to know his son….YAY, this is probably going to be my favorite part of the show, these two cutie patooties. Bring on the Nick and Sam…

Nick’s family: Nick’s Dad is a cutie for an old man and there’s a resemblance between the two men too, so I’m looking forward to more with them. His little brother is flighty in thoughts and that’s just fine with me, it makes for quite a mix between all three of the Garret men, that’s for sure.

Nick’s Friends: Whoa. These guys are something else, I mean they had a band, a band that didn’t play real instruments, a band that lip sync to all of the songs of other people? Whoa….but for the most part, they were a bunch of weirdo’s that made the show a bit more interesting.

Eddie: This guy made me laugh, not only is he not as hard core as he thinks he is, he’s still a hottie for sure. I remember when I used to crush on him and his brother on 7th Heaven, I like him better in this role because along with Nick, he’ll be growing and learning as the show progressed and I cannot wait to see his bumps and bruises along the way…and he’s going to go after Aubrey? Nick’s Aubrey? Ohhhh interesting…can’t wait to see that unfold.

Over all, the show had just the right amount of hotness, intrigue and storyline to makes me want to come back for more. So, was the show the explosive premiere I was expecting? Nope, not really but I’m not mad about it because there’s a lot to look forward to and a lot of ground to cover so I’m good….I can’t wait for more, seriously.

Today’s The Day…

16 03 2007

October Road premiere’s tonight and I’m so effing excited because Jakey is going to be on the small screen again. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen that hunky man and I’m so stoked for him to be in this new show, and his name on this show is Nick…I love that name for hunky hunk men! =)

Last night, Brandon got sent home and though I didn’t care for him all that much, I was still a bit peeved that Sanjaya is still in the effing competition. He should’ve been gone the first week and yet here he is…STILL IN IT! He sucks far worst than Brandon does. What’s really going on, all of you tweeny bopper girls, QUIT VOTING FOR HIM GOODNESS!

I still haven’t watched Prison Break but I’ll watch that soon and get a thoughts post going but I’ve just been so busy to watch my shows and since I don’t have TiVo, I have to wait until their uploaded onto YouTube or that other site that Grace told me about.

Anyway…tonight’s a good night in television, because there’s a new Grey’s Anatomy followed by October Road.


On a sour note though, I’m hecka bummed that they’re doing a spin off of a really great show and that Addison is going to be leaving Grey’s and what I hate most about Addison’s move is since Alex is not joining Addison on the new show, they won’t be exploring Addisex anymore…dude that frickin’ sucks.

But isn’t my new template the bomb? I love it….haha.

One Tree Hill News.

15 03 2007

Got this from my OTH Newsletter, so wanted to spread the word for my readers on here.

The next all-new OTH will air on Wednesday, March 28th. Though that may seem like a long time from now, we’re content to wait because it promises to be awesome! Word on the street is that in “You Call It Madness But I Call It Love,” and someone will finally put two and two together and figure out that Dan offed his own brother. Wonder who will figure it out? There are plenty of Tree Hill citizens with all the clues they need to solve the mystery.

As crazy as prepping for the prom was, the prom itself promises to provide even more drama! We still don’t believe that Rachel got on that plane. We’re guessing she’ll show up at the dance eventually. At prom, we hear Dan will try his darndest to win over Karen, romantically. And speaking of romance, Nathan and Haley will vow to be romantic teenagers instead of an old, married couple with a baby on the way.

And of course… everyone wants to know what will happen to Peyton after Evil Derek shows up on her porch. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Lucas will arrive and be the knight in shining armor, as usual. But you never know… he may have been convinced that his gal really didn’t want to go to the prom and decided to go stag without stopping by her house.

Woo hoo, March 28th isn’t nearly as long as I thought the wait would be so just a bit more patience and we’ll have our show back guys, YAY!