American Idol: The Boys.

1 03 2007

I thought I was going to miss last night’s episode because I had a meeting scheduled but it fell through so I got to stay home and watch the boys dazzle America with their singing voices and I’ve got to say that they did a lot better this week then they did last week. I’m glad I didn’t miss this because Chris R. rocked it out last night!

Without further adeu, here are my thoughts:

Phil: This cat can blow. He’s got such a strong voice and that’s really all he needs, he’s not my favorite singer but I do think he’s really good with a mic. He did really well last night.

Jarred: Didn’t do much for me, I mean he’s got a good voice but so does everyone else in this competition, I didn’t think he brought anything unique to the set. It takes a lot more than a good voice to progress in this show and well, he didn’t wow me.

AJ: I don’t know what song he sang but it was pretty fruity but he did sing it well. He’s got a good voice too, but he doesn’t have an original voice not that it matter to me last night, he got off singing his ol’ fruity song, but dude no one was fruitier than Nick. Good job AJ.

Sanjaya: Ehh, if you’re Samoan, you’d be laughing your butt off with me last night when Mulu texted me calling Sanjaya, Sankaia…kaia in Samoan means SHITTY or SUCKY and the name fit with Sanjaya last night, I was disappointed in him and though I like him, his days are numbered on the competition. But I really like his dedication to his grandfather that he lost when he was 5 years old that made it really hard for him…

Chris S.: This guy is one of my favorites among the guys, he can blow, he’s got that stage presence that has me boppin’ my head right along with him while he sings, I may not know the song but I don’t even care because he sings so well. I really like this guy and HOLY WOW did you see his wife? She’s going to Heaven for real…=) Just kidding.

Nick: Fever. He sang, fever. When I hear fever, I think sultry seductress singing this while she rolled around on the piano, trying to seduce many men at one time, so when Nick came out singing this to his girlfriend, it made me realize he’s lying and that he really has a boyfriend. He didn’t really do much for me, I didn’t even want to really listen to him…he did well, but he was just MEH to me.

Blake: I like Blake and I liked his performance last night but it wasn’t his best..I liked last week’s better, but it was still good for me, loved the little beat box thing he had goin’ there…he entertained which is what I like about him.

Brandon: This fool needs to just pack his bags and go home…he also needs to just go back to singing BEHIND the stars because a star this guy is not.

Chris R.: This guy is my favorite. He had me bouncin’ along with him, singing along and he can hold a note. I love it that he’s true to his style and he makes every song his own…because I honestly like Chris’ version of Geek in Pink better than Jason Mraz, now how often can you say that? LOVE HIM!

Sundance: He did really well. I enjoyed his song, his voice was sharp and strong and I couldn’t find anything wrong with his performance. He came back with a bang, loads better than last week.




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